Apigee API Management and Analytics Software Review

Apigee API was award-winning API management and technical analytics software product before its acquisition by Google Cloud. It was launched in 2021 as Sonoco Systems until being rebranded as Apigee later on in 2021. In the deal, Google acquired Apigee for an amount of $625 million. There are two components of Apigee API, namely, API bridges and middleware.

An API bridge is a set of generic functions and interfaces to different external programming languages, enabling integrating various third-party services into an application’s architecture. There are many types of API bridges, each having a distinct purpose and effect. An example of an API bridge is the IBM WorkPoint API. On the other hand, a middleware is a software or library that integrates with an existing application. Middleware can be used to simplify the development of web services.

About Apigee API

Apigee API does a lot of things that simplify API development. The application consists of twelve modules that facilitate in easy integration of third-party services. The most important part of Apigee API is its GUI, which presents a list of all the integration resources. Furthermore, the software offers an application development platform, database, web services engine, database connectivity, and application service discovery (RAS).

Apigee API offers full support for RAS, including support for Oracle, Sybase, and MS-SQL. As far as web services development is concerned, the Apigee provides two development tools – Web Services Designer and Web Services Builder. This enables you to develop rich web services in no time at all.

Many companies use Apigee API to access their database from any location. Apigee also provides several add-on tools. The most important add-on is the simplified visual debugging tool. Apigee API provides the developer with information about each resource that can be accessed through an application. Also, the API makes it possible to create, modify, and delete resource references.

Apigee API also provides several templates that facilitate easy application development. Moreover, the framework also supports MVC and has generic programming interfaces. The developer doesn’t have to understand the C/C++ coding language when he implements the application. Also, he doesn’t need any programming experience to start working with the framework.

Using Apigee API, the developer can test and debug the web services application in the real environment. The same is true for the test automation suite. As such, this makes it possible to run and evaluate the application in the Cloud. Most importantly, Apigee API enables the client to create, monitor, and trace resource streams on the server. The same is also made possible by the Cloud computing model, enabling the company to create applications quickly.

In the case of offshore software development, Apigee API proves to be beneficial for the clients. It also gives them the flexibility they may require for application development. Many companies in India use Apigee API to develop mobile applications, useful for providing an online presence to customers. In other words, Apigee API makes it possible to build and maintain mobile applications with the help of cloud computing models. Thus, the API makes it possible to develop and deploy applications in a cost-effective manner on the cloud platform.

The best thing about Apigee API is that it provides platform and infrastructure development solutions to its customers from any location. So, it saves time, effort, money, and ultimately the developers. For instance, if an offshore software development company in India needs to develop a CRM application, it will need database development, web services, and mobile platform development. The Apigee API platform allows the developer to integrate all these services into a single platform, reducing the overall cost of development.

Apigee API Advantages

There are several advantages of using the Apigee API. First of all, the Apigee API platform is developed by the Apigee team, and hence there is nothing to worry about the compatibility issue between the different systems. Secondly, it is a free cloud computing solution that also offers free training to its developers. Hence, the Apigee API helps a customer run mobile applications on the Cloud and learn more about cloud computing. It is also available in the form of an application for end-users.

Apigee API provides many sample applications that its developers can easily use to help its customers with the implementation process. The Apigee API was designed by the Apigee team, which contains twenty-nine full-featured and high-quality Cloud-based applications. It can help its clients build custom cloud applications and complete the CRM application process. It also provides the necessary tools to help its clients streamline the entire software development life cycle. It is free to use and helps its clients to automate the business processes. It is a perfect solution for small and mid-size enterprises which aim at reducing costs and increasing productivity.