All About Cryptocurrency and Online Sports Betting

Sports is the passion and love of so many people all over the world. Sports lovers all over the world have been drawn to the stadiums in large numbers once the Covid-19 pandemic has gone down in intensity and it is not only about the cheering or the extremely greasy food that is available at the stands, but also about the inordinate amount of love, respect and admiration that most sports fans or sports enthusiasts have for their favorite home team or their beloved sports star. And if it is a popular sport such as football or cricket, then sports is not just a passion or a part-time excitement, but so so much more- almost a celebration. But, in today’s world, all the bookies present are never going to be as good as the online sportsbooks or sports betting sites available. But how and why?

Well, firstly online sportsbooks or sports betting sites that are operational almost all over the world have much much more on offer than offline bookie systems present in stadiums and so on. These include In-Play or Live Betting, the best user-friendly platform available to bet on, amazing new and super cool esports to bet on and so much more. But, what also sets online sports betting sites or sportsbooks apart is the ridiculous number of payment options or gateways there to pay through, as well as get some money, that is, applicable for both deposit and withdrawal. There is a list of options to choose from, which include debit and credit cards, e-wallets such as Skrill, Sofort, PayPal, Neteller and so on, bank wire transfers, cheques and even, yes, importantly, e-coins or cryptocurrency of all sorts, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and so on.

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So, why is betting with cryptocurrency via these online sportsbooks or sports betting sites such a significantly great idea in the sports betting world now?

Cryptocurrency and the entire blockchain system may seem to be relatively new for all those who are not all that technologically at their best, but these have truly revolutionized the world and provided a lot of added benefits to the digital gambling industry, both in the sports betting or sportsbook sector and the online casino sector. Cryptocurrency is nothing to be afraid of and it is time you take this benefit along on your next ride down the sports betting lane. Exclusive bitcoin casinos or sportsbooks which only allow options for gambling enthusiasts to bet using cryptocurrency have not only increased their variety of cryptocurrencies included but have also been able to expand their bonus rewards to all gambling enthusiasts. The amount provided by bitcoin casinos through their promotional offers is much much higher than what cash or other payment options-based casinos, online or otherwise, will ever be able to offer. Moreover, the sportsbooks have also elected to let new customers who want to get into crypto gambling get into the industry smoothly. They have made connections between the crypto buying and selling platforms and the online gambling hub so that crypto is easily accessible and available to all.

Sportsbooks or sports betting sites also prefer crypto payments in both the deposit and the withdrawal windows because this allows them to get away from the annoying challenges posited by third-party regulators and auditors who are always associated with other payment pathways. These usually arise when a payment is made from a zone outside of the stipulated and governed ones. This puts off several people who would want to remain anonymous gamblers, betting from a sportsbook platform, but a resident of a country or a region that does not allow for sports betting at all. And with the Covid-19 pandemic having crippled the sports betting industry to a large extent, online sportsbooks or sports betting sites and apps, both Android and iOS, cannot let themselves make such a costly mistake ever.

And, according to the UKTN, sports betting might have gone off the rails for a while there during 2020 with the pandemic causing severe financial cuts and losses and a ton of job problems, but online sports betting via sportsbooks and apps has taken off again, and the major player in this wonderful turnabout has been cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency transactions do not need any processing fee, transaction fee, or even any processing time at all, playing in the favor of not only the gambling enthusiasts but also for the sports betting platform on which they are playing.

There is also the plus point of anonymity when it comes to online sportsbooks or sports betting sites that have subscribed to and continue to do so regarding cryptocurrency. The gambling enthusiasts get anonymity and the sports betting site or app gets away with letting any resident of any country play, irrespective of the governing rules because till now, cryptocurrency is not regulated as an option by any major gambling commission such as Malta Gaming Authority and so on. Interference from gambling authorities might come in a couple of years, but the blockchain ledger stealth is proper and undisclosed and will surely secure your anonymous position in the gambling hierarchy.

According to Forbes, GammaStack CEO, Mr. Gaurav Soni also thinks along the same lines. He has always played in favor of all sorts of crypto and continues on to claim that all online gambling software providers and chains have a lot to gain from this electronic currency system with the huge demand that it has generated online. According to him, GammaStack receives almost 35% of all its queries regarding cryptocurrency and how it is just so much better as a payment option.

So, get on this electronic boat and ride the crypto boat to safe and rewarding online sports betting!