5 Effective Strategies For Writing a 20-Page Essay


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It is undeniable that essay writing is a difficult task for a person who is new at this stage. Well, we understand what essay writing is from our school days, but this time it’s different. First, when it’s a 20-page long essay, then the dissertation process comes in the way to make it confusing for the writer. 

When you see that it’s a 20-page essay, you will understand the heat of it. Moreover, it also considers an extensive research process with a difficult topic or subject matter. It does not believe what your area of expertise is but a long essay will examine your caliber to the fullest.

In this busy modern world, everything is going digital and fast-paced. So, we do not get enough time to cover something better for ourselves. But on the other hand, essay assignments have become common these days for students. 

Moreover, there is a genuine approach to essay writing which considers grammatical expertise, sentence constructions, and vocabulary appropriateness. 

In addition, an essay goes through a deep discussion and arguments, which may also consider your critical thinking abilities. So, both writing and research approaches are necessary for a long essay writing process. 

Effective Strategies to Ensure Better 20-Page Essay Writing

In this busy world, being mentally blocked is natural, and sometimes we do not find the particular concentration to engage fully in something. There is always a critical approach to ensure the fact that essay writing is all about engagement and determination. 

Apart from that, many other approaches can consider essay writing a critical task for many writers, especially when it is a 20-page long essay. 

Don’t worry! 

We have got you covered this time. In addition, we have particular steps to enrich your process of long essay writing. 

Choose the Right Topic

The first and foremost thing about writing a proper essay is choosing the right topic. If you fail on this part, you will surely fail in the whole process. 

When you are trying to write a long essay, always go for a debatable topic. If you do not find the topic interesting, you will not be able to complete the whole paper with 20 long pages. 

This is not a school story that you are asked to write, but it’s an essay that might need your particular insight on the topic. So, it’s better not to choose the topic randomly; rather, you can find your niche and then choose the subject matter. 

Do not hesitate to change the topic if it is not working for you after a certain point in time. Well, if it’s not too late, do not think twice about changing the topic if it is not working for you. You don’t want it to be a 20-page mess. 

Follow your insights on the subject matter and then choose the topic wisely with your caliber and experience. 

Go for Extensive Research

With the help of digitalization, we do not lack reading resources. Well, libraries were always there, but the involvement of the internet helped us a lot to access everything easier than ever. 

You do not even need to go out and search for particular books, and ebooks are always there to make you knowledgeable enough. 

So, it’s time to do extensive research on your essay topic. Always remember that a 20 page is not short, and you need particular information and data to fulfill the expectations of your instructors.

In addition, it’s not possible to write a long essay with a lack of data from other sources.  

So, make sure that you are going through various journals, ebooks, and pre-existing literature to enhance your knowledge of the subject matter and also find enough instruments to complete the pages with ease. 

Plan and Organize Your Thoughts on the Paper

After you have managed to go through the resources and particularly understand the subject and its related areas, it’s time to focus and organize your essay writing process. 

Before you start writing your essay, make sure that you have managed to pour enough strategy into it. This is not just about the subject matter but also about the writing process. A 20-page essay demands better organization throughout the paper. 

If you fail to organize the process and structure your essay in a particular manner, you might get confused in the middle of your writing process. But. on the other hand, if you have an idea of what you are going to depict in the paper, it will become easy for you.

Insist on Draft Submission

Most people feel annoyed when they are asked for a draft submission prior to the submission date. This is because they don’t want to work twice on the same process. 

But if you see it from a different perspective, you will understand the importance of submitting a draft paper. 

When you are writing a 20-page long essay, a fear works inside you: if something goes wrong and the instructor does not like your essay, then you have to go through the resit assignment again. 

Here comes the facility of draft submission. Even if the instructor did not ask you to submit it, you could insist upon submitting the draft and check if everything is going right.

Edit and Polish

After you have completed your paper, check it with tools like Grammarly to make sure that there is no poor writing involved in your whole paper. And after that, you can check your whole essay paper by citing the information properly and referencing it at the end.

In addition, if you are still in confusion, you can go for a research paper writing service. It will ensure you a better-polished essay paper so that you can use the paper as an example to set your paper this time. 

This is not the end but the start of your work. But, you do not have to worry about your writing process if you can keep the structure simple and go for extensive research. Follow this article to work like a professional essay writer and manage to cope with the expectations of your professor or audience.