3 Reasons to get a sectional sofa for a community living room

Having a few housemates is a great way to make housing more affordable for young adults, and college students have long taken advantage of this fact to create a mutual communal living arrangement that everyone can get the most from. One of the best and most versatile pieces of furniture you can get for the shared living room is a sectional.

Why are sectionals still popular for community living rooms or rec rooms? Even though they have changed drastically (or perhaps because of it) sectionals are more applicable to living spaces than ever. Here are a few of the reasons young adults are still flocking to this traditional furniture designed in new and improved ways.

Modular sectional sofas give you the ultimate flexibility

Do you and your flatmates expect to have parties, gatherings, or even study groups? Modular sectional sofas are the best option for communal living because they can be rearranged and moved at will. With each seat a separate cube, you can arrange your sectional in an L- or U-shape. In fact, you could separate the cubes into individual seats or any other shape you desire.

Sectionals are even more perfect for entertaining

Sectionals have always been considered the recreational version of a sofa, designed for comfort and relaxation. But today’s sectionals are even more perfect for entertaining, especially if you like to have different types of parties or activities.

For example, you can move modular sectionals into an O-shape or closed-in square for a cozy and intimate conversation pit straight out of the 70s. Throw a storage ottoman in the center, and you have the perfect place to play card games, board games, and other entertainment.

Today’s sectionals have tech features young adults need

Perhaps the most important reason that young adults are still flocking to sectionals is the tech features that are now included in many models. It is becoming more and more common for some types of furniture to house built-in smart device charging stations, especially nightstands for the bedroom and sectionals for living spaces.

Sectional models similar to those of days gone by with flip-down consoles that offer either cup holders or an additional small seat are now being stocked with USB charge ports. You can also find sectionals and other living room furniture that charge smartphones just by setting them on the arm of the couch while you watch television.

With the overly technological nature of today’s society, having adequate charging options is definitely a must. Young adults especially have at least two or three smart devices, and being able to charge them comfortably at any time is a huge bonus.

Have you found yourself asking your roommates, “Why not get a sectional sofa for my living room?” There is no need to speculate. Look for more ideas and check prices on the online store.