10 Budget-Friendly Giveaways Any School Can Offer

colored pencil lined up on top of white surface

Instilling a sense of school spirit and unity among students is integral to the educational experience. However, many schools have limited budgets for promotional giveaways and swag. The good news is that schools can provide many affordable giveaway items even with the tightest of budgets.

With some creativity, schools can develop fun and meaningful giveaways that excite students to show their school pride. These giveaways don’t have to be expensive to be impactful. Simple and inexpensive items customized with school colors, logos, mottos, or mascots are often massive hits with students of all ages.

This article will cover 10 great giveaway ideas for spreading school spirit that can fit into any school’s budget. Often, the most successful swag is stuff students will use for organization, accessories, or showing support at school events. The focus will be on valuable, customizable items in bulk for reasonable prices.

Keep reading for 10 awesome school giveaway ideas, tips for customizing, and how to source them affordably. With these creative ideas, any school can develop memorable swag to get their students pumped up with school spirit all year.

10 Budget-Friendly Giveaway Ideas

Customized Pencils

One of the most popular giveaways for students is customized pencils printed with the school name, logo, mascot, or motto. Pencils are an item students use daily, so having ones representing their school helps reinforce spirit every time they take notes or complete an assignment.

The great thing about pencils is they can be ordered for highly affordable prices, even customized ones in full color. A school can call hundreds printed with school colors and details for just pennies per pencil. Have some printed with academic reminders or motivational phrases for extra impact.

Distribute the customized pencils at school events, in goodie bags, as prizes, or during orientation. Students will love using pencils repping their school, and it promotes spirit all year long.

Custom Flash Drives

Another tech-savvy giveaway idea is customizable flash drives featuring the school colors and logo. These can be handed out to students to store homework, projects, schedules, etc., while showing their school pride.

Order inexpensive flash drives wholesale and customize them by adding school graphics and messaging. Preload them with helpful academic content like study tips, organization tools, or motivational notes.

Imprint the exterior case with the school name, mascot, logo, or academic images. Distribute the flash drives at orientation, after exams, or other milestone events. Students will appreciate the valuable gift and get to store their work while representing their school.

The drives may be essential, but customizing makes them unique. A school can provide tech-friendly giveaways that excite students even on a budget. Custom flash drives make the grade when it comes to affordable swag.

School Decals

Vinyl decals and stickers with the school logo make great giveaways for students. These school-branded decals can be stuck on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more to show pride—design decals in school colors mascots and resize them to fit a variety of surfaces.

Decals are very budget-friendly when ordering in bulk. Try initial decals for sticking on lockers or motivational academic phrases to keep students focused. Include decals in giveaway bags or hand them out at school games and celebrations. Students will love plastering them on their belongings.

Photo Keychains

Personalized keychains with a photo of the school or mascot make fun giveaways for students. Have keychains printed with sports team logos, action shots, or campus photos for school pride. The keychains feature school colors and details students love.

These functional keychains allow students to keep their keys organized while showing spirit. Keychains that snap apart can include IDs or contact info inside for security. Have some made with LED lights or whistles for added fun and function. Purchase basic keychains in bulk online and customize them affordably.

School Bracelets

Customized silicone bracelets imprinted with the school name, logo, or motto make excellent spirit swag. These adjustable bracelets come in school colors, and imprints don’t fade. Design options include debossing or color-filling the school name for bold spirit.

Purchase inexpensive silicone bracelets in bulk colors and customize them with affordable imprinting. Bracelets can be handed out at school events all year. Students will love wearing their school colors proudly on their wrists.

Buttons and Magnets

Collectible buttons and magnets featuring the school mascot, logo, or academic themes are easy giveaways that show spirit. These can be designed affordably with great graphics and distributed at school celebrations and sports games.

Students can wear buttons on backpacks while placing magnets on lockers or cars. Try catchy phrases like “Go Eagles!” or “We Love Science Club”. Purchase basic buttons and magnets in bulk, then customize graphics in your art design software and print affordably.


Imprinted lanyards with the school name make great giveaways for students. These can hold student IDs, keys, or whistles and are customized with school branding in bold designs. Purchase inexpensive blank lanyards in bulk and then imprint school details and messaging.

Distribute customized lanyards at registration, orientation, or sporting events. The lanyards reinforce school spirit while also serving a functional purpose for students. Consider having some designed specifically for sports, academics, or leadership roles.


Small felt pennants customized with school colors and initials make festive giveaways to promote spirit. Students can hang these triangle pennants on walls in dorm rooms, lockers, or at home. Add graphics like the mascot, school name, or motivational phrases.

Felt pennants are inexpensive when ordered in bulk. Have some designed for signature school events like homecoming, rivalries, or tournaments. The pennants offer an easy way for students to decorate with school flair.

Vinyl Stickers

Custom vinyl stickers in the school colors, shapes, and logos are fun giveaways students love. The school branding stickers can personalize laptops, journals, water bottles, and more. Stickers should be durable and waterproof.

Purchase vinyl sticker sheets in bulk and customize the designs, shape, sizing, and cutouts in your preferred design software. Cut stickers into fun school spirit shapes like stars, bubbles, or the state outline. Provide assorted stickers at student orientation events, rallies, and more.

Sports Megaphones

Games and matches customized mini megaphones are fun giveaways to boost spirit at home. These tabletop megaphones can sit on desks or be held in hands to cheer on teams. Print the school name, mascot, and motivational phrases like “Go Team!” in loud colors and graphics.

Mini-megaphones are inexpensive when sourced in high volumes. Distribute them at home games for the crowd to use, showing spirit for the school teams. They also make great prizes or giveaways at Spirit Day events.


There are endless options for giveaway items to boost school pride and engagement. The key is focusing on functional giveaways with prominent school customization that students will use. Even with tight budgets, schools can source affordable swag that makes an impact. Any school can develop creative ideas that excite students by tapping into handy tips like customized pens, tech gifts, decals, bracelets, or keychains focused on school branding elements. The goal is to build spirit without busting budgets. With imaginative yet affordable giveaways infusing school passion into students’ everyday items, they will eagerly spread pride wherever they go.