50+ YouTube Challenges- Trending Ideas to Go Viral in 2021

Being a YouTuber is hard. You may often run out of ideas for new content. When this happens, the trending YouTube challenges ideas are there to save you. Are you looking for the most exciting list of them to go viral and generate millions of views? If yes, this post is definitely written for you.

Here, I’m going to share more than 50 YouTube challenges that you can use for your next video. These video challenges ideas will help you create a mesmerizing piece that your viewers would totally fall in love it. Let’s begin.

What are YouTube Challenges?

YouTube has now become a part of everyone’s life. It is leaving behind the television and the traditional cable network rapidly. The main reason behind this is the availability of versatile content available on the platform. One of the most popular types of YouTube videos is the challenges, especially coming from bigger YouTubers.

A YouTube Challenge is just like any other Internet Challenge where a user records themself performing the action, posts it on YouTube, and dares other people to repeat it. This forms a chain reaction and the motive is to make the videos viral.

Many of such challenges usually originate from the Internet meme culture. Fortunately, they have the potential to go viral just like a fiery meme. If you are a YouTuber, you should always keep looking for new, fun, and trending challenges and make videos on them.

What are the benefits of doing YouTube Challenges?

If you are YouTuber, you should always keep looking for new, fun, and trending YouTube challenges and create videos around them. This will help you to keep your audiences engaged, generate more views, and create videos consistently.

Doing challenges on YouTube also opens up the opportunity to expand your network by collaborating with many other YouTubers and even your subscribers. There are many benefits of doing them and that’s why YouTube is full of them.

Complete list of Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas in 2021

Here is a complete list of trending and fun YouTube challenges ideas that you must try in 2021 to go viral. You can try these, one by one, or sort them on the basis of your audience. I’d recommend that you start with the simple and easy challenges before moving on to the daring ones.

Don’t forget to monitor and review your viewer’s feedback after posting the challenge videos. Always make sure that you are serving their needs.

[1-10] Trending YouTube Challenges Ideas

1. Candy Challenge– You have to taste candies while being blindfolded and then guess the name of the candy. You can also use chocolates for this challenge.

2. Try not to laugh Challenge– You have to watch funny videos and control your laughter. If you laugh, you lose.

3. Chubby Bunny Challenge– You have to put some marshmallows, bubblegum, or chubby bunnies in the mouth and say chubby bunny. Keep adding more until you are not able to say it.

4. Try Not to Say WOW Challenge– You have to watch impressive videos while controlling yourself to not say wow.

5. KPop Karaoke Challenge– You have to sing a random Kpop song on Karaoke with lyrics. True Kpop fans will love this.

6. Whisper Challenge- One person has headphones on while the other person whispers things in front of him. It is like a lip-reading competition.

7. Don’t look away Challenge- You have to gross and cringe videos continuously without looking away.

8. Play Say Anything Challenge- The players have to say any word on their turn but the catch is that no word can be repeated in a single round.

9. Hard Yoga Position Challenge- Try doing the toughest Yoga poses for a video.

10. 100 Layer Challenge- You have to put 100 layers of something on yourself. It could be makeup, clothes, socks, or even facemasks.

[11-20] Fun YouTube Challenges Ideas

11. Best Friend Questions Challenge- You have to ask fun and witty questions to your best friend and count how many he gets right.

12. One Color Cooking Challenge- You have to cook a dish but you can only use ingredients of a single color.

13. Recreation Challenge- You have to recreate an iconic picture or a video.

14. Ignoring Your Partner Challenge- You have to ignore your other half straight for 24 hours in this challenge without telling them why you are doing so!

15. Eat it or Wear it- You have to pull out the random food names written on paper and put them in a bowl. Afterward, you’ve to choose if you’ll eat it or wear it.

16. Internet Slang Quiz- You have to play a quiz where the questions & answers are the popular Internet slang.

17. Mannequin Challenge- You have to act like a statue in a public place and make others believe that you are real.

18. Speed Drawing Challenge- You have to draw the chosen thing in 5 seconds.

19. No Internet for 24 hours- Record your day without using the Internet.

20. Dizzy challenge- You have to spin around (on a chair or swing) until you feel dizzy and then try doing any task.

[21-30] New & Unique Challenges for YouTube

21. Roast Yourself Challenge- Use the hate comments from your channel and use them to roast yourself.

22. Stay in the Car for 24 Hours- You have to stay in your car for the whole day.

23. Nostalgia Challenge- Try living your life as you lived in your childhood.

24. Partner’s Makeup Challenge- Your partner will do your makeup while you are sitting blindfolded.

25. Disney Dressup Challenge- You have to dress like a character from a Disney movie/show.

26. Pancake Art Challenge- You need to pour all your creativity into pancakes.

27. Guess the Track- Listen to the first 10 seconds of a soundtrack & try to guess it.

28. Act as a Drunkard Challenge- You have to act like you are drunk at your home or a public place without actually being drunk.

29. TMI Challenge- “TMI” stands for Too Much Information. Your viewers will write a lot of questions and you’ll have to answer them honestly.

30. Sour Candy Challenge- You have to eat extremely sour candies until you can’t eat them.

[31-40] Evergreen Challenges for YouTube

31. Ice Bucket Challenge- Pour a bucket full of chilled icy cold water with ice cubes on yourself.

32. Water Bottle Flip Challenge- You have to flip the water bottle and it should stand straight.

33. Lick my Body Challenge- You have to lick a body part of the other person while blindfolded and guess what it was.

34. 7-Seconds Challenge-  Do a task to anyone and he has to complete it in 7 seconds to win.

35. Cinnamon Challenge- Eat a spoonful of cinnamon and record your reaction. DO THIS WITH CARE!

36. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge- Draw the chosen thing while being blindfolded.

37. Innuendo Bingo Challenge- Try not to laugh when your mouth is full of water and the other person will keep trying to make you laugh.

38. Test Viral Life Hacks- Try out the viral life hacks and see if they work.

39. Transform yourself- You have to dress like someone else. It could be a public figure, fictional character, or someone you know personally.

40. Expensive vs Cheap Food Challenge- Buy a food item from an expensive hotel and then buy the same item from a roadside stall. Eat & compare them.

[41-Ꝏ] YouTube Challenges to Go Viral Quickly

41. The Floor is Lava Challenge- You have to play this fun game as a challenge.

42. Viewers Control My Day- Do everything as your viewers say for 24 hours.

43. Chicken Nuggets Challenge- Eat chicken nuggets from different restaurants & guess where they are from.

44. Lie Detector Challenge- You can use a device from Amazon or a random prank app for this.

45. Spin the Mystery Wheel- Write a lot of dares on the Mystery Wheel, spin it, and have fun.

46. Fortnite Challenge- Do the said number of kills in a game to win the challenge.

47. Roast a Fanbase Challenge- You have to roast a complete fanbase & trigger a lot of people here!

48. Say Yes Challenge- You can’t say “NO” to anything straight for 24 hours.

49. Wholesome Challenge- Help a stranger or a needy person and record the gesture.

50. Things only 1% of People can do- Try doing a body trick that only a percentage of people on Earth can do.

51. No Mirror Makeup Challenge- Try doing crazy makeup without having a mirror.

Final Take

These are all the YouTube Challenges that you should try in 2021 to create awesome videos. I will keep adding more challenges to this list. Make sure you keep visiting us frequently. Make sure that you only promote safe and sensible challenges and do not record any risky ones, especially when a lot of children watch your videos.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you to grow your YouTube channel a lot. Feel free to have a discussion about anything mentioned here using the comment box.