Top 6 Best Countries for Travelling Where You Can Pay With Bitcoins

three gold-colored bitcoins on black surface

In our time, finance has also started to use its tools, as a result of which a virtual form of money has appeared, cryptocurrency – and one of the most popular and leading in it is bitcoin. Some 10 years ago, it was not so popular, and it was possible to limit yourself to buying a game account on the Internet for satoshi, but time passed, and the bitcoin rate continued to grow. As a result, now it is a full-fledged currency (which is not tied, for example, to the dollar rate or any other similar currency), but still, it is possible to pay with it in some countries, this topic will be further developed.

Today we will discuss countries where it is possible to pay with bitcoin.

1. America, New York

New York is the capital of opportunity on earth, a destination for people whose heads are on fire with cool ideas and proposals. All the world’s new technologies, trends, and developments.

(including bitcoin payments) are making their way to this city. Therefore, if you have a desire to pay somewhere with cryptocurrency (bitcoin), we advise you to go here. Useful tip: in order not to think about organizational problems, such as transport, we advise you to use JFK airport transfers on arrival, which will take you to the desired place at a fixed price and in comfort. Below, we suggest a couple of places (segmented groups) that accept bitcoin payments (but you can find more if you want):

Restaurants and cafes: South Street Fish & Ramen C, La Siren.

Shops: Crypto Mart on Fifth Avenue, Blockchain Boutique in SoHo.

Bars & Clubs: Somewhere Nowhere, La Sirène UWS.

Hotels: Tech Travel Inn in Midtown, The Kessler Collection.

Places of Interest: Con Artist Collective, Bleecker Trading, Magic Bouquets, Pumpkin And Bean.

2. Netherlands, Amsterdam

Digitalization is very welcome in this city, so there is even such a thing as Bitcoin Boulevard, a place where you will 100% accept cryptocurrency (including bitcoin). For example, go to Galerie West on this street and invest in the beautiful, in art.

Also from bars and cafes, you can go to Ipo’s Coffee Gallery, Café Wheels, Warie’s Thai Food and others. And from TRAVELThe Pavilions Hotel.

This topic is just developing, explore it, it’s sure to only go up in Amsterdam!

3. Germany (accepts quite a few cities)

We decided to put this country on the list because it has taken cryptocurrency as seriously as possible. Just know as a fact, Germany has recognized bitcoin as a completely legal medium of exchange for confidential transactions – meaning that bitcoin now plays no small role in the country’s financial system. Cryptocurrency is treated as private money and a clear tax structure for businesses is provided. This is all very good news for both business owners and the country’s strong bitcoin base.

So it is 100% recommended that you go to Germany if you are interested in the topic of bitcoins.

4. Japan (also different cities)

This country is quite ambiguous when it comes to bitcoins because, in some parts of the country, they still don’t give up cash or even can’t accept foreign currencies like the euro or the dollar. But on the other hand, in other aspects and corners of the country, we are just seeing a peak in technology and hope for a bright future. So, here we are, just posting a list of establishments where you can spend your satoshis efficiently.

The list: Bic Camera, Hackers Bar, Dot Raw, T’s Kitchen, Yukizaki, Mint, Jinanbou, Mezzo.

5. Singapore

This city-state, with rather not small prices (worldwide), is a godsend for a traveler who wants to pay with cryptocurrency. It is not surprising, because there are concentrated world business centers and startups that develop technology. Here’s a list of places to spend bitcoins: Charles and Keith (fashion house), Uchu Wasi (food), 2ToneVintage (watch shop), JooBar (Korean food), Sarnies Café (just a cool cafe), Kibbles (pet food), BullionStar (bullion sales).

6. Canada (many cities there)

Our list is completed by Canada, a country that is also very friendly to cryptocurrency (in particular bitcoins). So far, there are not so many establishments that can accept such currency, but there is a tendency of development, so here is the list: HGregoire (car dealer), Birks Group (diamond, pearls, and similar), Park and Finch Eyewear (eyeglasses), Toronto Brewing (beer retailer), Ledger (crypto equipment).