How Much Time Will It Take to Watch Everything on Netflix?

Netflix is an ocean of content with hundreds of hours of good shows and movies that you can watch without stopping. But, have you ever wondered how much time will it take to watch everything on Netflix? And, if that is even possible? If you have felt such queries popping up on your mind while scrolling through the Netflix library, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will provide you the answer to the question “How Much Time Will It Take to Watch Everything on Netflix?” Also, I will tell you if it is really possible. And, if it is, then how can you do that. Grab something to eat and continue reading.

How Much Content is Available on Netflix?

To figure out how much time will it take to watch everything on Netflix, you must first know how many shows and movies it has. As of now, Netflix has 2.2 million minutes of content available. By the time you’ll read this post, this number will have increased by a great margin. Right now, it has a total of 50,482 titles. That is the number when we calculate combinedly and include all the episodes for every single series in a single number.

If we convert the 2.2 million minutes figure, it roughly calculates to 36,000 hours of content. This means that the Netflix library has a content of around 4 years and a month to watch. The key fact here is that these numbers are ever-expanding.

Is Netflix behind its Competitors in terms of Content Available?

Netflix is the biggest on-demand video streaming service globally. The major competitions to Netflix are AmazonPrime, Disney+, and Hulu. Netflix ranks number 2 on the list of ‘streaming-service with the most-available content.’ Only Amazon Prime has more content available than Netflix. It has over 30,000 titles without counting the episodes of every series combined.

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Hulu ranks 3rd with over 4,000 titles, HBO Max ranks 4th, and Disney+ is 5th with 922 movies and series. So, Netflix isn’t far behind its competitors. It is way ahead than the majority of the competitions. It is only defeated by Amazon Prime. However, Netflix has more paying subscribers than Amazon Prime globally.

How Much  Time Will It Take to Watch Everything on Netflix?

Now that you know that there are 4 years and 1 month of streamable content available on Netflix, you can figure out the rest. We can now try to calculate how much time will it take to watch everything on Netflix. It takes around 36,000 hours to watch the content that is available now. This means we’ll have to spend around 4 years of our life right in front of the screen. But, that is the time needed when we are streaming 24×7.

However, that is not possible. A human must take breaks to eat, sleep bathe, and do other essential activities. One simply cannot binge-watch for 24 hours straight.

According to a study completed by the University of Leicester student Kinnari Naik, a person could watch Netflix for 13.84 hours a day at most. This accounts for 4 fluid breaks, 3 meals of 30 minutes each, 8 toilet breaks, 15 minutes a day for bathing, and 7 hours for sleeping. She has completed the whole study on this topic known as ‘The Netflix Obsession‘ in 2017. You can check her study from here.

It took 3,273 hours of viewing time in 2017. But the year is 2020 and a lot of new additions are available on the platform. So, keeping everything all these things in mind, we can calculate how much will it take in 2020.

In 2020, it will take you 2602 days to watch everything on Netflix if you stream 13.84 hours every single day. This means it’ll take you around 7 years and a month to do that. Also, you can’t go on your job and do any activity except for the ones mentioned above. That’s a really tough task to do.

Is It Really Possible to Watch Everything on Netflix?

The straightforward practical answer to this question is a big NO. You’ll never be able to finish everything on Netflix. This is because, by the time you complete the existing content on the platform, they’ll add many new titles. So, you’ll have to spend more time to finish them as well. And, when you finish them, there’ll be new content available. This cycle will continue till eternity. So, you can never watch everything on Netflix.

Netflix adds around 1500+ titles to the library every year. The major portion of these consists of Netflix originals. The addition of movies to the platform has been decreasing since 2010. So, you’ll have to watch a lot more web series than movies if you start watching endlessly.

Another fact is that no sane human can watch Netflix for approximately 14 hours a day for 7 long years. It would be impossible. One must fulfill his other responsibilities in life. So, if you are really planning to try and watch everything, you are literally insane.

Should You Try to Watch Everything on Netflix?

I’d strongly recommend that you don’t. It would be none less than a stunt. You’d be wasting countless hours of your precious life in merely watching movies and shows. You can do other productive things at that time. However, I’m not against streaming via Netflix. I’m personally a Netflix binge-watcher. But, I’d recommend only watching the shows and movies that are worth watching.

Not every title in the Netflix library falls in that category. One thing you shouldn’t forget is that what you should watch on Netflix depends upon your preferences.

Summing it up

Netflix has a humongous collection of content. It consists of over 2.2 million minutes of movies and episodes of shows. If we’ll count them combinedly, there are over 50,000 titles available on Netflix. This is when we count every episode of every show as an individual title. So, if you’ll watch  Netflix for 13.84 hours a day regularly, you can watch everything on Netflix in 7 years and a month approximately. But, that is way too far from being possible.

Also, Netflix will add new content by the time you finish the existing one. So, practically, it is impossible to watch everything on Netflix. That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Don’t forget to share your honest opinions about it in the comments.