The casino is not on Gamstop

Casinos with a 200 deposit bonus are gaining more and more popularity among players all over the world. The main reason for the growth of popularity is the ability to play them anywhere and at any time, while the winnings can be withdrawn almost instantly and by various payment methods. Do not forget about the bonus program, which significantly increases the deposit amount, and also provides free bonus spins in certain slot machines, but at a fixed bet amount. However, some players voluntarily restricted their access to the online casino game using the Gamstop system, for various reasons, which they regretted after a while.

Why is the casino not on Gamstop?

Such online casinos also have official licenses that allow them to carry out their activities, however, some licenses are not accepted in some countries, since they have their own licenses, for which online casinos must pay extra. It also increases their tax deductions. That is why many online casinos do not acquire licenses from certain countries, which means there is no need to participate in the Gamstop system.

Casino not on Gamstop has a more extensive bonus program, which is intended for both new and regular online casino customers. This is due to the great competition in this area, and the finances for the bonus program for clients are directed with savings on tax deductions since the tax rate in certain countries that issue online casino licenses is much lower.

The availability of slot machines is much more than in land-based casinos, as well as online casinos that have official licenses from certain countries. This is due to the fact that online casinos such as that have official licenses can only use gaming software that also has a license from this country. If there is no such permission, then the online casino cannot use this gaming software and all available slot machines from this manufacturer.

Online casinos not on Gamstop also hold various daily and weekly tournaments with an impressive prize pool, as well as hold various lotteries for participation in which there is no need to purchase tickets (they are given automatically if certain conditions are met). All online casino customers can take part in tournaments, and prizes are awarded not only to the winners of the tournament (lottery) but also to most of the participants of the tournament.

A large number of different payment methods, which is significantly more than in online casinos that have licenses and are connected to the Gamstop system. You can even deposit/withdraw money from your gaming account balance using various cryptocurrency wallets.

A quick registration, during which there is no need to specify your personal data. It also guarantees complete anonymity to all players. The payment data available in the profile is securely protected using various modern encryption mechanisms, which guarantees not only anonymity but also the security of all online casino customers.

The most important advantage of online casinos not on Gamstop is the opportunity to play them for absolutely everyone. They can even be played by players who have been excluded from the online casino game by themselves using the Gamstop system.

Cons of online casinos not on Gamstop

Despite all the advantages of online casinos not on Gamstop, they have certain disadvantages, however, for experienced online casino customers, these disadvantages are not significant.

Most casinos not on Gamstop are banned in certain countries and that is why their official website is regularly blocked by various regulatory authorities. It is quite simple to bypass the lock and you can do it in various ways. The most popular methods are mirror sites, as well as the use of programs that will change the user’s location.

The disadvantages also include the fact that such casinos do not have a mobile application, but at the same time, the site is fully adapted for playing from any mobile device. You can play at an online casino anywhere and from absolutely any gadget, while the gameplay does not differ from the one presented on the official website of the online casino.

The need for self-control. This is not enough for many players who have independently excluded themselves from using Gamstop. In order to play at an online casino and win, it is necessary to divide the bank (deposit) into several parts. After losing part of the pot, it is necessary to suspend the game and continue it the next day, when luck is on the player’s side. This eliminates the possibility of losing the pot and also increases the chances of a positive game (earnings) at the end of the month.


The gameplay in an online casino not on Gamstop does not differ from the gameplay that is presented in licensed online casinos, but at the same time, it offers players even more different advantages. The main advantage of such online casinos is the complete anonymity of all players (which allows them to be played even by users who are included in the Gamstop system), since they are not connected to Gamstop, and may also not provide data about their players to the tax authorities.