Stardew Valley: How To Get Married

Even though it’s been around for several years, Stardew Valley remains awe-inspiring and hasn’t lost its charm as a cute farming simulator.

But, the game is more than cultivating crops and taking care of animals. It’s about establishing a new lifestyle in a new city. 

A large part of that is meeting the residents while also becoming part of the community…and perhaps becoming married and beginning an extended family in Pelican Town.

There are 12 candidates, six bachelors and six bachelorettes, which the player could choose to romantically and eventually get married.

 Each one is distinct and can appeal to various players. To marry each one requires an understanding of the preferences of each NPC’s character.

Still, the general process of establishing relationships and marrying each other in Stardew Valley is the same.

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Increasing Friendship

To impress a prospective partner, players need to improve their relationships by speaking with them frequently, offering them gifts, completing tasks, and so on.

 There are numerous ways to increase one’s heart level with a character; however, giving gifts is the most efficient and speediest. 

Select a character’s name in the Social (the tab that has hearts) of the menu to view their preferred gifts. 

You can also go through this guide for ideas on the most appropriate gifts to give that you can give to your game characters.

Players can give their NPC as many gifts per week. They can also give an extra present on their birthdays, and it is displayed in the calendar located outside Pierre’s shop.

 Birthday presents count for 8x the normal friendship points. Therefore, pick the present with care!

Starting A Relationship

When a player has reached eight hearts and has at minimum two bachelors and bachelorettes, they receive an acknowledgment from Pierre.

 The letter will mention that the individual is becoming close to the locals and point out that it’s a local custom to send bouquets to signify romantic interest.

The participant will buy the Bouquet at Pierre’s shop for 600 grams.

When the gift of flowers to a wedding candidate If they’re at 8 hearts with the person the couple will be a delight and announce that they feel exactly as.

The last two hearts grayed-out within their gauge of social connections will pop to the player, and they will be able to build their relationship up to up to ten hearts.

The social tab will show the character will also be identified in the user’s “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.”

Before the wedding, the couple may enjoy as many girlfriends or girlfriends as they want (although having all bachelors and all bachelorettes simultaneously could result in a cutscene that calls the person out).

But once the couple has been married, presenting a bouquet to an additional NPC can cause a rift with their spouse.

Proposal & Wedding

On days of rain when it is raining, an NPC known as the Old Mariner appears on the eastern end of the Beach. 

If the participant has earned the tenth heart by a bachelor or bachelorette and has improved their Farmhouse at least once, he’ll propose to sell them the Mermaid Pendant.

 The local custom that is the tradition of Stardew Valley, this necklace can be compared to an engagement ring. 

Presenting the necklace to someone special is a way to propose marriage.

 The necklace is available for purchase at 5000 Gold.

To propose, a couple must possess 10 hearts with their girlfriend or boyfriend and then present the Mermaid Pendant to their intended like they would give any other present.

Much like that bouquet person receiving will respond with joy and agree to marry the proposed. 

Within three days following the announcement, when the bride awakes and gets up, a scene will play of the wedding ceremony on the city square.

Then, the couple and their spouse will arrive on the porch of the farmhouse at 6 am, ready to begin the first day of their lives together.