Roblox vs Minecraft: Gameplay, Graphics, Features Compared

Roblox and Minecraft are the two most popular gaming platforms. A lot of gamers are often confused and debate on Roblox vs Minecraft. The discussion often ends without any clear winner. If you have been in a similar situation, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will present a brief comparison between Roblox and Minecraft. We will take a look at different aspects such as gameplay, graphics, compatibility, and more to find out which one is better than the other.

Roblox vs Minecraft: The Battle of Sandbox Video Games

Minecraft is the most popular game in the world. It holds the title for the most-selling game of all time. On the other hand, Roblox is a rapidly growing video game creation as well as a playing platform. These two contenders may look similar to the person who is seeing them for the first time, but the players know how different they are actually.

Roblox vs Minecraft cover image

In Minecraft, you have to gather resources, hone your skills, and explore the world for survival. And, on Roblox, there are millions of games created and published by other users. You can even create your own games and publish them for others to play. Talking about the similarities, both of them are sandbox-style, allow you to design things, and let you connect with other players.

Roblox vs Minecraft: The Battle

We can connect Minecraft to blocks, and Roblox to legos. Since both of them are massively popular and players have a hard time picking which one is better, we should compare them on various aspects to find that out.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Comparison of Gameplay

As I have already explained, Roblox and Minecraft may seem similar superficially, but they are very different. Roblox is more like a toolbox or studio for creating games of different types. You can make shooters, strategy games, and any other one. Along with this, you will also get a huge library with hundreds and thousands of great games to play day and night.

On the other hand, Minecraft is more like a solitary game that focuses more on creating worlds using the various building blocks available in the game. A lot of levels are single-player, and if you play online, they are on smaller servers. It isn’t a game creation toolbox, but it is a game itself. You get different modes to play from. You can play them from the first or third-person perspectives.

Roblox allows you to play games focusing greatly on the multiplayer aspect, while Minecraft allows you to craft, build, and survive in the worlds created by other players. In this manner, both of them are drastically different in terms of gameplay.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Graphics & Creativity

The biggest similarity between Roblox and Minecraft are the graphics. You can notice it by yourself. Here is a snapshot of Roblox:

And, here is a snapshot of Minecraft:

You can clearly see that both the games are nowhere near the modern graphics standard. They are blocky, old-style, and very different.

Both Roblox and Minecraft motivate your creativity highly. You can do literally infinite things in Minecraft, and create so many structures using the right ways. And, on Roblox, you can create your own games and other components.

Roblox vs Minecraft creativity

Both of these platforms promote the learning and development aspect as you will work by using problem-solving, thinking and reasoning, math skills, and more. So, if you are a creative individual, you can pick any or just play both of them.

Compatibility & Price

Minecraft is clearly more compatible than Roblox as it exists for all the mainstream devices. You can play it on your PC whether it is Windows, Mac, or even Linux. It is available for consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch. Along with these, Minecraft is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

On the other hand, Roblox has limited compatibility. It is majorly popular among PC players and was launched for Xbox One in 2015. It isn’t available for PS4 or Nintendo Switch yet. But, it is available for Android and iOS devices.

Talking about price, Roblox is a freemium platform, while Minecraft asks you to spend money only once. You can play games on Roblox and design some items such as T-Shirts for free, but you will have to purchase their subscription and buy the in-game currency, Robux, to unlock all the features.

Roblox vs Minecraft price

While Minecraft only has an initial cost of $26.95 for which you can buy the PC version. After that, you can enjoy everything in the game. You have to gather resources and use different ‘mods’ to unlock limitless possibilities.

Child Safety, Friendliness, and Adaptability

Roblox and Minecraft are especially popular among children and pre-teens. So, it is essential that you know if they are safe and friendly towards your wards. Both the games have active online communities, so your kids can find a good amount of additional content such as YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and wikis. These have a chance of exposing them to other mature topics.

roblox vs minecraft on YouTube

Violence shouldn’t be a problem in both the games. Roblox does offer games from the shooter genre and Minecraft also features combats, but they are depicted in a cartoonish way that looks more fun than looking violent. One drawback of Roblox is that your kids will be exposed to ads.

roblox battle

Roblox is continuously working on child safety initiatives and including more human moderators, parental controls, and other features to make the security strong. Contact with strangers can be easily restricted in Minecraft as it can be played solo or with specific friends.

Roblox privacy settings

Both these games are challenging but not too difficult for children. Roblox games come with instructions on the first launch that will help anyone to understand what they have to do. While Minecraft doesn’t offer any instructions but it definitely provides three levels of difficulty. You can learn both of them by watching YouTube walkthroughs and guides.

Final Verdict: Who is the Winner?

After a brief look at the battle between Roblox and Minecraft, we have concluded that by picking a clear winner we’d be biased. So, for us, the result for Roblox vs  Minecraft is a clean tie. Both Roblox and Minecraft are amazing. None is better than the other. To choose one, you’d have to understand what kind of games you want to play. If you want to play hundreds of different games, you should pick Roblox.

But, if you want to stick to a single game and continue in it, then Minecraft is the right choice. You can take a look at the different factors mentioned above to decide which one is more suitable for you. That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your opinions about it in the comments.