Petal Credit Cards: Tool to Successful Credit Cultivation

Many credit cards claim to make your credit situation bloom, but only a few of them are decently designed for the job. Some of them are the Petal credit cards: the Petal 1 and Petal 2.

Petal Credit Cards

Petal Credit Cards

Intro Bonus: None

Regular APR: 

Credit Score: (No Credit History)

Annual Fee: $0


  • You can connect Petal card to Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone.
  • Petal lets you pre-qualify for the cards online without a hard inquiry on your credit report.
  • Through the Petal’s Leap program, a credit line increase is possible in 6 months. Just make sure to have your payments on time.
  • The Petal reports to the three major credit bureaus.
  • The Petal app is intuitive and lets you effectively control your budget through AutoPay. It also shows how much you have left to spend.

Petal Credit Card Review:

We were always smitten with the beauty of the Discover It Secured card due to its features. Some of them are the great rewards rate and the generous Cashback Match welcome bonus you get from it. And while the Petal credit cards are not as fancy as the said card, it offers incredible qualities that will make you sure you’ll qualify for a card.

Petal 1

Though it lacks other features, Petal 1 is more accessible to most applicants.

Unlike most cards relying solely on credit scores, Petal devised a different qualification system to ensure you can get any of the cards it offers. Called a Cash Score, Petal will also use your banking history, income, spending, and savings to measure your creditworthiness. With this, you can qualify for a card even if you’ve never had credit before. And if you have a better Cash Score, you might get the Petal 2. But if not, Petal 1 is your safety net. 

The Petal credit cards have $0 annual fees and will not require a deposit, which is common in secured credit cards. The absence of foreign transaction fees and their capability to earn rewards are also some of their similarities. However, given that Petal 2 is the higher-tier card between the two, it offers a better set of benefits and other features.

Petal 2

Petal 2 can earn more cashback and has a better set of benefits.

In addition to the waived foreign transaction fee and annual fee, the Petal 2 boasts the $0 late fees and late payment fees. And while its minimum credit limit starts at $300 (just like in Petal 1), its maximum can reach up to $10,000, which is double the limit of the other card. Moreover, Petal 1 has 19.99% to 29.49% variable APR, while Petal 2 has a lower variable APR at 12.99% to 26.99%.

Surprisingly, the Petal credit cards have a rewards structure that will help cardholders earn as they try to bring their credit scores into bloom. Through Petal Offers, each can earn from 2% to 10% cashback on purchases made with select merchants. Some of them include Lowe’s, Casper, Athleta, and And although the number of participating merchants in the program is not that high, it is still something to appreciate from a credit-building card like these ones. And when you’re ready, you can redeem your rewards as a statement credit in any amount at any time. There is also an option to redeem the rewards as a paper check or deposit to your bank account.

On the other hand, apart from the said earnings, Petal 2 cardholders will enjoy 1% back on every purchase you will buy. The rate can increase to 1.25% after six months of on-time payments, which is fantastic. And after a whole year of responsible use of the card and consistent favorable payment activity, the rate will be bumped up to 1.5% back. There is also no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn, making things sweeter.

Final Thoughts:

Petal credit cards are a complete package tool you can rely on to rebuild your credit. It is adequately armed to assure the total success of your credit-building journey. The Cash Score is a gesture of consideration you’ll appreciate from Petal, as it will give you a better chance to qualify for the Petal 2. And in case you fail, there is the Petal 1 that can serve as your backup.

The removal of some fees makes the use of the card more comfortable for any type of cardholder. Add to that is the rewards structure, which is unexpected from such cards. The earning rates are not totally prolific, but they are not bad either. That being said, should you give the Petal a go? Definitely. Yet, if you have a better credit score, other choices could offer you more noteworthy features. And if you would just work hard enough, you might probably find one that is sweeter and fruitier than the Pretal credit cards.