Innovative Technologies in Automated Daily Life

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We live in the most interesting time in the history of mankind. Technology develops exponentially and not linearly as was previously accepted. At its core, the discussed modern innovative technologies have a trend towards meeting the needs of the contemporary world – both public and urgent, directly related to the individual purposes in certain conditions.

Modern technologies have already firmly entered people’s lives, such as motorized furniture parts with standing desk tops, automated TV lifts, smart thermostats, and many other regularly used technologically updated elements and devices. For many, they have already become an integral part of life. To say that this is bad means to consider only one side of the process since new technologies have much more positive sides than negative ones.

Wireless networks, communications, complex programs, impulses, and other inventions obscure to ordinary people are almost always created solely for the sake of making a person feel better to simplify their work as much as possible and improve ordinary daily life.

The development of modern technologies that greatly facilitate human life is not as easy as it might seem because a huge number of specialists work on technologies that develop, test, or improve all kinds of exciting things every day. In any case, the development of technology helps to expand human capabilities and begin using even those previously inaccessible for some reason.

How Home Automation Improves Our Life

Depending on your personal choice of an intelligent home automation system or simply of a separate device of installation, you can feel specific results and benefits. Everyone seeks any option to simplify their life in one way or another. The benefits below are the most desirable and obtained from regular use of this or that individual innovative solution.

Health-oriented approach and ergonomic design

Almost all new technological improvements are closely connected with people’s strong desire to improve their health, to relieve or be free of obtrusive pain or constant fatigue, just to change some habits by applying smart solutions for the sake of living longer. Take, for example, publicly loved and already tested adjustable standing desks for office or work-from-home purposes.

Who could believe such an inconsiderable change of regular habit can assist in health improvement? You stand for some equal time instead of constant prolonged sitting and feel palpable changes in 3-4 weeks. And unique ergonomic design and adjustable construction of the desks allow their owners to keep such essential parts of the body like the neck,  shoulders, and back properly without any harm to their owner.

Work and home space optimization 

Even having a big enough apartment in one of these Miami apartments, houses, or rooms, some people often try to optimize some of their living or workspace areas just to make them well-organized and spacious according to their liking. Some people do it because they feel comfortable living in such a space, while the rest want to do some interior experiments for the sake of trends. All of them are right, as you have absolute freedom to choose and change what you need to feel better and convenient in all respects. There are several examples of successful home automation projects you can try as well:

  • Automated TV lifts to keep and hide your favorite film screen with no space consumption.
  • Perfect standing desk with adjustable columns, smart remotes, and other valuable desk accessories for more convenience and space enhancement.
  • Automated kitchen worktops and downdrafts.
  • Retractable tables in case of having a very tiny kitchen or living room.

This small list includes only some of the possible automation ideas; some are ready to be installed, and the others need to be implemented according to the parameters and specifics of your furniture and rooms.


Safety, probably,  is one of the major reasons people start thinking about automation of their living space. The necessity to live in safety is today paramount for every family. Having smart home installation, you will not panic when you hear that someone knocks on your entrance door at midnight. It is not even necessary to get out of your favorite, warm bed. You can see everything just from your bed, even speak and hear the person who is near the door.

A smart home system with hi-res video cameras and the possibility to communicate on both sides can help you and your family members to feel safe.


You may say that this one is almost the same as described above. It’s right but is not actually the same and is closely connected with safety. The difference is that dealing with security; we care about our property as we are not at home. Using a home automation system, you can, for example, check or lock the door while abroad, the same about closing the windows or shading them with special smart blinds, turning on/off lights while not at home.

Isn’t it great? Just take your smartphone or tablet to check everything and be sure your home is secured. It’s even possible to speak to someone standing near the door so that the stranger or burglar thinks someone is at home while you are actually not.

Convenience and comfort

The home automation system is connected in such a way that the homeowner can easily control all the rooms and parts of the house using one device. Important to remember! Please, usually take your phone and do not leave it at home when leaving the house. As long as you keep it in your bag or pocket, you can manage the whole dwelling.

It is important to feel comfortable being in your apartment, house, or room. It concerns everything: the light, temperature inside, the sound, fresh air, hot water availability, and the rest common parameters essential for a comfortable living. One of the perfect examples here is the use of a smart thermostat that can adjust the temperature itself in accordance with the temperature outside. By the way, it determines it using special street sensors. With such a smart device, it typically takes 15 minutes to bring the temperature to the average level. You just need to make your prior individual settings in the system.