8 Free IDM Alternatives for Windows 10 – Best in 2021

The Internet is undoubtedly a beautiful place, and everyone wants to access it 24×7. Unfortunately, the internet does not work while traveling or sometimes due to certain errors, and therefore, offline data saves the day. For downloading movies & other content from the internet, we use to rely on a fantastic software called IDM or Internet Download Manager. In this article, I am going to share some reliable & trustworthy IDM alternatives that will help you download content from anywhere on the internet without any restriction. 

IDM used to work smoothly, but in the past update, the lag & crash increased, and it made millions of people to switch from IDM to a potential alternative. Also, Internet Download Manager is not a free software.  If you are struggling to find a reliable and Free Internet download manager alternative, then you are at the perfect webpage because we have listed the best download managers.

Free IDM Alternatives

Free IDM Alternatives in 2020

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The internet is a vast island of treasure but some obsolete materials which make it difficult for us to access the real gold. In simple words, it was difficult to find reliable IDM alternatives, but do not worry as our team has got the nerve. We have mentioned some of the best IDM alternatives in this comprehensive article.

1. EagleGet

EagleGet does not require an introduction but for the people who are not aware of this astounding downloader. Similar to IDM, EagleGet helps users to download content from anywhere on the internet without any hassle. If you are looking for a free IDM alternative, then EagleGet is the right option to cease your search.

It boosts your downloading speed by 6 times and subjects itself as one of the most reliable software to download internet content. The chrome extension covers all the web-based content and makes it easy for the user to download live content.

2. Internet Downloader Accelerator

As the name suggests, Internet Downloader Accelerator works to speed up your downloading. Not just the name, but the functions of the Internet Downloader Accelerator is similar to IDM. But what makes it better is that unlike IDM, IDA is available for free (only for personal use.)

Considering all the features & aspects, I can undoubtedly subject Internet Downloader Accelerator as one of the best IDM alternatives.

3. Free Download Manager

As the name suggests, Free Download Manager aims to deliver a premium downloading experience for absolutely free. It offers promising downloading speed, but the speed is not as good as what is offered by IDM. FDM is the best alternative for the people searching for free IDM replacement.

4. JDownloader

Like FlashGet, JDownloader is an open-source program that helps users to manage & speed up their internet downloads. Unlike IDM, you can experience JDownloader for absolutely free of charge.

Many download managers work smoothly but cap the bandwidth speed, but with JDownloader, you do not need to worry about anything. If you are searching for a premium alternative for completely free, then JDownloader is undoubtedly the wise choice for you.

5. uGet

uGet is one of my personal download managers as it has the ability to resume interrupted or failed downloads. Besides, it has all the functions that are offered by IDM, and therefore, uGet is a better option because it is available for free of cost. uGet is compact and does not crash (no matter how big the download file is).

6. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is another potential software that aims to improve your internet downloading experience. The thing that makes it worth trying is that it offers almost everything that IDM does and for absolutely free of charge. If you are confused between so many reliable & trustworthy download managers, then you should definitely try your hands at Download Accelerator Plus.

7. FlashGet

FlashGet is a popular download manager that enables users to download content from any webpage or platform. It belongs to the pervasive segment as it supports HTTP, FTP, BT, and eMule protocols. The interface is user-friendly and provides you with astounding features to enhance your downloading experience.

8. Turbo Download Manager

As the title implies, Turbo Download Manager promises to deliver smooth operations with fast downloading. Like IDM, Turbo provides users a chrome-based extension and a separate program for major operating systems like Windows, Mac & Linux. The downloading setup is quite similar to what we experience with uGet. I assure you that checking Turbo Download Manager won’t disappoint you.


A download manager is essential for every internet user because issues like internet shutdown & low bandwidth occur frequently. To save yourself boredom, you should always keep some entertaining data downloaded on your device, and for that, you need a reliable internet downloader. I have mentioned some of the best Free Internet Download Manager alternatives that will help you download anything from the internet.

I hope that this comprehensive listing helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the subject. But if you have any doubts regarding any of the mentioned IDM alternatives, then comment below, and I or someone from our team will respond to it in no big time. Also, share this useful information with your mates and help them enjoy their favorite content offline (without internet).

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