How To Change Region in LOL Wild Rift?

Change Region in LOL Wild Rift: Wild Rift is the mobile version of a great PC game. People were excited when the game came to mobile so they could play with their friends while they were on the go. 

If you played the game before the game came out in your area, you were likely put in a different area. You can change your region in Wild Rift now that it is a well-known game worldwide.

How To Change Region in League of Legends Wild Rift?

To change the region of your account within any game of Riot’s, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your location on your smartphone
  • Open the internet browser and go to the LoL: Wild Rift Support page
  • Verify if any of the following are getting into the way of your work:
  • Have you recently changed regions?
  • Are you using VPN? VPN?
  • Do you not take note of the prompts to log in?
  • If you replied “yes to these two questions, then alter the same
  • Verify that your account has been updated with you
  • Switch off VPNs
  • Make sure you be sure to follow the prompts to log in!
  • All your issues should be resolved today.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can make a ticket
  • Riot will solve the issue and be back to you shortly

And that’s it; your Wild Rift account should now be in a different region. If your account moves to a new place, it will lose all of its progress on the way. However, you’ll still have the Wild Cores you bought. That’s important.

The loss of your progress is very much regretted. But now, you can level up faster and get better scores as you move up the ranks. 

You should blow your opponents out of the way as you make your way to the top. Some of you may not want to change the region of your account because you don’t want to lose your progress.