How to Change PLDT Wifi Password (Complete Guide)

Ever wondered why your WiFi works at a tortoise’s speed even after paying high costs for your PLDT HOME DSL WiFi connection? Have you ever experienced decreasing internet speeds that what your PLDT HOME DSL plan promised? You might be cursing the Internet Service Provider for providing slow speeds at high costs, but the solution to the problem may lie right at your home, in fact, you are the real administrator of the solution. If you ever wondered if the access to your Wifi connection is being used by someone else out of your knowledge, then this article is for you. Yes, this is often the root cause for slow speeds of your PLDT WiFi connection. Here, we are going to demonstrate How to Change PLDT Wifi Password for your connection to avoid misuse of your internet bandwidth by outsiders. As keeping the default passwords unchanged is often the major reason of your internet being misused.

If you have a doubt that your WiFi speed has degraded for no reason, just check your WiFi settings at the first place and most probably you will get the answer there. You might find more devices connected to your WiFi than expected, that means, devices that do not even belong to you or someone from your home. There are high chances that the technician who will come to install the pldt home dsl wifi will not make you aware about the easy to crack default password, and you might end up forgetting to change the password. Trust me, these default passwords for any Wifi connection are very easily guessable and are even available on the internet, now imagine how you never thought that your WiFi password was public and you didn’t know that.


Easy Steps to Change Your PLDT WiFi Name And Password

  • Firstly, you should get a LAN or Ethernet cable in order to connect your computer directly to your router. This will help you keep your internet connection alive while you operate your WiFi settings, and after you change your WiFi name.
  • Second, open the internet browser in your computer and access the PLDT admin console or login page by typing the IP The admin page should look like this:

How to Change PLDT Wifi Password

  • If you have trouble accessing the admin page or the page doesn’t load as expected, there is a possibility that the default IP might not help and you will have to find your admin page IP address using the command prompt.

To find your PLDT HOME DSL WiFi admin page using the command prompt, follow the below steps:

  • In your Windows desktop, press Windows key on the keyboard or click on start button on the screen using a mouse and search the word command prompt. You will find the application which you should open to proceed to further steps.
  • In the black screen that you will see, type “ipconfig/all” and press enter button on the keyboard.
  • Now as you are connected to your WiFi, you will see the IP address as below:

pldt wifi password change

  • Now again go back to your browser and enter “Default Gateway” IP address as shown above in the browser.
  • You should be able to access the admin console now, you can use the PLDT credentials provided by service provider here to login.

For your information, let’s see what all things you will be able to control through the admin page:

  • Checking the router’s internet status and network activities.
  • Changing your SSID (WIFI name) and WIFI password.
  • Controlling bandwidth for each connected devices.
  • Restricting access on certain devices.
  • Control children’s time spent online (Parental Control).
  • Route an IP address and port number to network requests to specific devices (Port forwarding).

How to Change PLDT Wifi Password

If you don’t know your default login name and password, you can try following combinations which should usually work:

Username: ptdtadmin OR adminpldt

Password: 123456789 or 1234567890,


Username: admin

Password: 1234

If you are still not able to log in to the admin console, then you might always take help from PLDT HOME DSL WiFi hotline. If you were able to login successfully, you will see the dashboard of the admin panel. This means that you have gained access to admin settings page and can now change all the settings including name and password.

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Change PLDT Wifi Password and Name


  • click on “SET-UP” from the top menu, you will see “WLAN” at left hand side of the screen.
  • then click “BASIC“ under WLAN options.
  • As you can see, you have space to extend your Wi Fi name or SSID to whatever you like. For example, the default name that appears is PLDTHOMEDSL, besides that, you can add any name of your choice to uniquely identify your PLDT WiFi.
  • After completing all these steps, click on “apply changes” and You will see the below screen:

  • This means that your Wi Fi is restarting to apply the changes that you made.
  • After the restart completes, you will see this message “Attention config is modified to make it effective forever “ on left side of your screen.
  • Upon clicking save, the changes will be saved forever. If you don’t save your settings, then your router will revert back to older settings on next restart. You can check by restarting your router that whether the settings were applied successfully or not.

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Guide : How to Change PLDT Wifi Password (pldt wifi change password)

Now that you have already changed your Wi Fi name, let’s see the steps to change pldt wifi password also. You will need the same PLDT HOMEDSL WiFi admin console to change wifi password of pldt home dsl.

  • Go to “SETUP” again, as done previously.
  • Click on “WLAN” again as done earlier.
  • you will see the same options like “BASIC”, “SECURITY”, etc.
  • Now click on “SECURITY” instead of “BASIC” that we did above. See below:

Change PLDT Wifi Password

  • On the above screen, find the field called ‘Pre-Shared Key’.
  • This key is your Wi Fi password that you need to change. Change the key to a phrase of your choice that is not easily guessable as shown above.
  • Then click on ‘apply changes’ same as done earlier and also the following message will appear again on left hand side of your screen:

  • Just click on save and you are done with your problem!

I hope These easy steps will help you to change your Pldt Home dsl Wifi name and password. If you face any difficulty to change pldt password then feel free to comment below.

How to Change PLDT Wifi Password (Complete Guide)
  • How to Change PLDT Wifi Password (Complete Guide)


Here, we are going to demonstrate How to Change PLDT Wifi Password for your connection to avoid misuse of your internet bandwidth by outsiders. As keeping the default passwords unchanged is often the major reason of your internet being misused.

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