How long to complete Resident Evil 4

Complete Resident Evil 4: One of Capcom’s most popular games is Resident Evil 4. The game has been consistently ported across many system generations, from the Gamecube to the Oculus Quest, since its initial release in 2005.

It will be remade soon, much like its predecessors. Previous Resident Evil remakes were significant deviations from the originals, and it’s unclear how much will alter in this next installment.

The original game is worth checking out, whether it’s for a straight comparison or to pass the time between releases. While there is a lot of material to cover, it shouldn’t take too long to complete.

The Length of Resident Evil 4

It is a game that rewards the player for their efforts. It will take players 10-15 hours to complete a standard run-through of the game. However, that initial run is just the tip of the iceberg.

Resident Evil 4 boasts an abundance of riches in terms of collectibles and hidden mysteries. Those that pause to examine the game’s stages will be rewarded since the creator has an eye for detail.

Completing the game on regular difficulties unlocks the more difficult “Professional” difficulty level for those who seek a more demanding experience. This setting, among other things, decreases the pace at which ammunition drops and gives adversaries a considerably more aggressive AI.

If the main storyline becomes too much for gamers, they may try Resident Evil 4’s Mercenary Mode. 

In this arcade-style game, players battle waves of foes in a confined arena for a high score while racing against the clock.

Separate Ways, a side narrative extra campaign featuring Resident Evil’s femme fatale Ada Wong, is also include. It takes roughly 3-4 hours to clear; however, this option isn’t present in all versions of the game.

When you add it all together, Resident Evil 4 seems to be a considerably bigger game than you may imagine. A careful and exploratory run will probably take 20 hours, whereas a complete completionist run would take 30-40 hours.