Forza Horizon 5: Where can I find taco carts

Forza Horizon 5 : players must find and smash a taco truck to complete the “Taco This Daily Challenge” during Winter Series 3.

It can be difficult to find a food stall while playing because they aren’t very common.

This guide will help players locate the exact location for a taco cart and then smash it in Forza Horizon. Players receive 1 Season/Series point and 10 Forzathon points for each completed daily challenge.

Where can I find Taco Carts at Forza Horizon 5?

Taco Carts are found in many towns in Forza Horizon. The “Taco This Challenge” only requires one cart to destroy. It’s best to go to Mulege to smash the taco cart along the main road that runs through town.

It would help lookout for the yellow, green, and pink striped roofs.

These colors are also use on fruit carts, so make sure to check if the stalls have tacos before you destroy them.

Mulege can find in the southwest corner of the map. Players can easily spot it by pressing RB on their controllers.

This will bring up the filter menu and uncheck all other items except Landmarks and Houses.

You will find more taco carts on the road south of Casa Bella’s Mulege house, as well as the road with Star 27’s Mural in Forza Horizon.

Although you can find taco carts in many other places, most are found in the Mulege area.

They are easy to spot when driving through it.

Series 3 Winter Forzathon Shop Items

Players for every Daily Challenge can earn Forzathon Points.

Players will earn 10 Forzathon points (20 if they unlock the correct house in Forza Horizon).

These points can exchange for cosmetics, cars, and Wheelspins in the Forzathon Shop.

Each week, the selection changes.

The 2008 Bugatti Chiron is available at 700 FP. A Dodge Challenger SRT Demon can also be purchased for 400 FP. For 75 FP, you can

purchase a Pink Blazer and a Pop ‘N’ lock. A Super Wheelspin will be available for 300FP. An ordinary Wheelspin Forza Horizon will cost 80FP.

To earn more points, keep completing Daily Challenges and participating in Horizon Arcade events Forza Horizon5.

Free FP can sometimes give to players to compensate for server or gameplay problems.

For more information on free cars or other rewards, make sure you check the message center regularly.