[Solved] Kernel Security Check Failure Error on Windows 10

An error caused due to system data corruption or driver incompatibility issues leads to a Kernel Security check failure. Whenever a user faces some issues like this, there are few suggestions which could be worth trying, and thus we need to see which one applies to our system.

If you are reading this article then you might be looking for a fix for this BSOD issue, let’s take a look the fixes.

  1. The computer needs to be installed with the latest available Windows updates and also use AntiVirus software to scan the computer. In Order to replace corrupted system files, we may have to run a System File Checker and moreover ensure that our RAM, Hard Disk, accessories and Hardware components are connected properly.
  2. Initiate the Safe Mode or the Clean Mode State, to remove the problem. It will have you identify the offending program or driver and uninstall it if there was no problem being occurred.
  3. In order to check for corrupt drivers, we need to run in the Driver Verifier Manager.
  4. A Memory Diagnostic tool is used to check for possible memory problems, which includes the test of Random Access Memory (RAM) on the computer.
  5. Hard disk needs to be scanned for errors.
  6. Boot into Advanced Startup Options, if you are unable to log into your Windows Computer and an elevated command prompt window needs to be opened, which explains the process in detail.

Quick Fix 

There are few steps which initiate Windows 10/8 PC into Safe Mode:

  1. Open Run Dialog by pressing Win+ R keys, followed by which you type “msconfig and then hit enter.
  2. Go to Boot option, followed by which you select Safe Boot and then press OK.

If the Safe Mode needs to be booted with the internet connection, have Network Option get selected under the Safe boot category.

  1. In order to boot your computer into Safe Mode, click Restart.

If in case, the Kernel Security Check failure happens to disappear booting the PC into Safe Mode, the following offending programs need to be checked or the necessary drivers need to be uninstalled and updated.

If there is still the existence of errors in Safe Mode, then it’s likely that there is something wrong with the Hard Drive or RAW.

Methods To Fix Kernel Security Check Error in Windows 10/8/7

There are 4 reliable methods which will effectively fix and help the computer get rid of  Kernel Security Check Failure error in Windows 10/8/7 and only one of the methods can be selected in order to get this issue fixed.

Before one commences the method, the computer needs to undergo through a full scan with the help of Antivirus software and get most of the possible virus removed.

Method 1: Using File Checker 

The System file and Bad Sectors needs to be repaired which otherwise may cause Kernel Security Check failure issue.

The System File Checker needs to be run

  1. The command in the search box needs to be typed in, followed by a right-click on Command Prompt and then as administrator select run.
  2. In order to continue with administrator permission, click yes.
  3. Either type or Scanned and press Enter to check and have the corrupted system files repaired which could have caused BSOD error with Kernel Security Check Failure.

Run the Partition Manager

The Windows System will not be able to run the boot normally if its system hard drive or partition has had some bad sectors, but instead, a BSOD error may come up. Fortunately, this issue can be fixed by Powerful manager software from EaseUS with its feature of Check Partition.

Method 2: Scan Fix System Hard Disk Error

  1. Click Start followed by File Explorer and This PC;
  2. The required hard drive needs are right-clicked, which further needs to be checked and scanned and then select properties.
  3. Go to Tools Tab which needs to be followed by Clicking Check.

Method 3: Using Memory Diagnostic Tool

  1. In order to open Run Dialog, press Win+R and then type mdsched.exe followed by hitting Enter.
  2. At this point, choose Restart and check for problems and have the status of the memory card checked or have the option” Check for problems the next time I start my computer” selected.

  1. The Memory card will be checked for errors automatically by the Memory Diagnostic tool.

Your memory card is working fine if no errors are checked, else if detected, have the current memory card changed with the new one to get rid of the BSOD With Kernel Security Check Failure.

Method 4: Using System Restore.

  1. The PC needs to be booted into Safe Mode (The guidelines would be followed in Quick Fix in order to have the PC booted into Safe Mode.)
  2. Have your Control Panel clicked on Start followed by Choosing Recovery in All Control Panel Items.
  3. Open System Restore needs to be clicked followed by check Choose a different restore point followed by Next.
  4. Has the exact restore point selected which was created previously and click Next To Continue?
  5. In order to confirm that you want to have the System Restore operation executed, click yes. It might take a while for the process to complete; likewise, this will have your previous Windows system back. In that way, your computer will have no kernel Security check or a BSOD issue.

Final Words

We really hope these methods have already solved your problem of Kernel Security Check Failure by now.

If you are still facing any problem with the methods or what some other method to execute your problem then you can always feel free to leave a comment below.

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