Facetime Not Working on iPhone? Full Guide to Fix this Error

Facetime allows you to make international calls, it uses your mobile data when using a cellular network. If your mobile data capacity is limited, you should consider whether it is viable in terms of cost (it may not be viable in most cases). This application may also fail you at times, declaring ‘Facetime not working’.

The fact that it is carried out through a network-based app makes problems possible to occur at any time. In this article, you will find various tips and methods that can help you fix your device app or any other problems. Read further and find out what is there for you down below.

How to Fix Facetime Not Working Error?

Check the Apple FaceTime server status on the Apple Support status page. if they show that the facetime id down then nothing can be done from your side instead you can wait until the server is up and running again. even after the server is up but still not working on your phone, then try the following workarounds down below.

1. Toggle Your Facetime Application Off And On Again

Simply turning your application off and on can fix your issue-

1. Open the Settings icon

2. Tap on Facetime

3. Toggle the FaceTime switch to turn the feature off.

4. Reset or Restart your iPhone XS.

5. Go back to Settings then FaceTime, then toggle the switch to turn FaceTime on again.

2. First Sign Out Your Apple Id And Sign In Again

If the first solution doesn’t work in fixing your problem, try singing out your Apple ID for facetime and then sign in again-

1. Open the Settings icon from the home page.

2. Now, go to FaceTime

3. Move to “you can be reached at” section.

4. Select your Apple ID then tab the option to Sign out.

5. Go for a soft reset- Reboot your iPhone XS.

6. Go to Settings then Face Time then “you can be reached” section then enter your Apple ID and/or phone number.

7. Finally, sign in.

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3. Selected Devices And Data Plan Compatibility In Ios 9 Or Later

FaceTime over cellular data connection is only for selected devices, so make sure that your device is eligible or FaceTime feature. Only new users with the shared data plans are eligible to use FaceTime over 3G on AT&T’s network. if you already have AT&T but are not on the shared data plans, you will need to check out with your service provider if your data plans let you use FaceTime over cellular data.

4. Toggle Your Airplane Mode On iPhone 9 Or Later

There is a possibility of issues that may occur with your network connection. If you try and toggle your airplane Mode from the settings icon, and then turn it back off after a few seconds. this will refresh your network, whether it is wifi or cellular data.

5. Wifi Can Cause Facetime Issues


  • Connection alerts or unable to connect
  • Black screen
  • Dropped calls
  • Choppy video calls

WiFi can be more trouble making and can cause a lot of facetime issues. Make sure that you and the other person are connected using a fast cellular wi-fi. Inconsistent/ unstable Wi-Fi network or incorrect router settings can prevent your iPhone from connecting to the Wifi which may, in turn, lead to failures in connecting wot your FaceTime app.

6. Re-activate Facetime Issues

If you log out and log in again then that can help you fix FaceTime problems. that is probably caused due to authentication.

1. Go to settings, then FaceTime

2. Dispatch the switch

3. Re-enable/turn on the switch after a few minutes. you should see the “waiting for activation” sign.

4. check out the Apple ID field after facetime is activated, tab on it then sign out.

5. Now, log in again by trapping on using your Apple ID for FaceTime.

7. Reset All Settings

If you reset all settings, that can help you get your problem solved, there were many other ways that arise to this fix. in order to reset all settings, first, go to Settings, then General, Reset, then Reset all settings.

This method can also help you fix your FaceTime not working issue.

Some extra way that can help you: You can solve your problem by installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone if it is attributed to some system bugs and FaceTime app glitches. if you want to use group FaceTime then make sure that all the members are using devices running iOS 12 or macOS Mojave and later. Group FaceTime is similar to that of Google Hangout, here you can include anyone to your FaceTime app. Group FaceTime doesn’t work on earlier versions of iOS and MacOS platforms.

If you are still facing some of the other problems then contact Apple Support or your carrier for further assistance and suggestions. Temporary outages in your local area may also form a root cause for this problem, so you can double check your system and see if FaceTime server is currently available in your area or not.

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