How To Download FaceTime For Pc Windows 10

The communication mediums today have been rapidly changed.  Earlier telegrams and postcards were only the communication channels but after when the telephone technology was introduced the word communications means totally different today.

With calls, emails and other sources, we can easily communicate with a person at the other end of the globe. There is also one advanced communication technology used by the iOS users let’s see what it is.

We all would have seen how the iOS users with their iPhone and iPad they easily connect with their family and friends with FaceTime.  This application is very popular and no other operating system provides this feature.

You can FaceTime all your friends around the world with great quality and speed. This feature is only available for the iOS devices. Many other platform users adorn this feature very much but it is not available for them.  Do you think you can FaceTime in your PC? This is really a dream come true for many users because now it is possible.

How It Is Available For Pc

FaceTime is a brilliant app developed by Apple.  The demand for this app is very high in all parts of the world. This has made apple to allow FaceTime app for Windows 10 and MAC pc.  In this article you will learn more about this app. if you are confused on how to download this app for your PC then this article will definitely assist you.

In many of the country’s most people in the workplace they use the iphone and iPad to complete their daily tasks.  Whereas in countries such as India use more of the Windows desktops in the workplace and for regular uses.

If you are a windows user and want to avail the FaceTime app on your device then read all the instructions to download it. This step by step detailed download procedure of FaceTime in your windows will help you to launch and use the app.

Perquisites To Download FaceTime

To download and launch FaceTime on your PC then certain requirements of this app should be fulfilled by your device.  Let’s see what they are.

  • If you want to download the app on MAC OS then MAC X 10.6.6 version is compatible. The camera is supportable if it is +10.6.6.
  • If you want to install it in an iOS device then the system requirement should be more the 4.
  • The FaceTime can also be launched on some selected gadgets such as the 4th generation iPod touch. You can easily install this app on iPhone versions which is higher than 4.  In iPad version 2, iPad mini and iPad pro all the versions are compatible with this app.
  • In the windows 10 with the help of the iPadian emulator, you can download this app without any difficulty.

In some of the countries, the FaceTime application is not accessible. You have to check whether the system is compatible with the app otherwise you can launch and use the app.

Why It Is Necessary To Download FaceTime on PC.

  • This video calling handy and very efficient when compared with others. It is also a trouble-free platform where there is no disturbance in the video calls.
  • You need not have to register before using this application.
  • The interface is very easy to use and very neat. Any user can use it with ease.
  • FaceTime is a very best and fast communication app available today. With a decent wifi connection,, you can enjoy unlimited video calls, group chats and conference calls.

Spectacular Features Of FaceTime

This popular app is basically of video calling nature. Without any hassle, you can have a live chat and interaction with the person you want.  It works similar to the Skype app which can be downloaded in windows.  The FaceTime app is developed with advanced features and an iOS user can find this app on their devices as it is inbuilt.  This app on iPhone and iPad has made many people’s professional and personal life very easy.  This app also you to connect with individuals in personal video call as well as conference video calls.

Before downloading this app it is very important to know what are its unique specifications. There may be tons of video calling apps available in the app stores but the excellent features of FaceTime make it the number one video calling app. let’s see what are they.

  • The main task of this app is to make video calls. Without paying any charges or additional fee you can make video calls with the person you want in the world at any time. If you have a decent wifi connection then you can also enjoy a good quality video chat.
  • This app can not only make video calls but there is an additional feature which comes handy with it that is the voice call feature. If there is a poor connection in your area then you can at least try to make a voice call with your friends and family.  You have a substitute feature for a video call. Both the audio and video calls are completely free in this app.
  • The FaceTime of PC doesn’t compromise on the quality of the calls. The quality is superior as it is in an iOS device. You also have the option to choose the quality an HD call or a normal call.  The data consumed is very high in case if you choose the HD call options to prevent any disturbance ensure that your internet connection is good.
  • The picture in picture feature became very famous from the FaceTime app. this feature can help you to see how you look when in a small picture when you are talking with the other person in a big picture. This feature was added to develop a face to face lively experience.
  • The interface of FaceTime is really amusing as the app uses some of the high-end features but makes the platform very simple and easy to use. Any type of user can easily operate this app without getting confused. In simple words, the interface is smooth, smart and impressive.
  • The block list feature is very useful if you do not want to connect with some obnoxious people. The person you put in block list will not be able to disturb you again.

Download Steps of FaceTime For Pc.

There is no official version of FaceTime app available for windows as Apple has not released it yet. However, this download procedure can be made easy by using an emulator app. let’s see the step by step instructions to download it.

  • IPadian is an emulator app which is very reliable and can make this task very simpler. So first from the download links download the iPadian.
  • Once the installation process is completed enter the login details of you Apple that is the username and the password.
  • You can download the FaceTime app from the Apple store if you don’t find it.
  • Now you can save all your contacts and make unlimited video or audio calls with a person you choose.

How Does The App Work On PC?

After successfully installing and launching the app on your PC you can easily use this app.  you can open the application and make modification in the configuration settings.  With each time when the app asks the login details, you have to enter the apple user id and password.

Some of the Common Problems if FaceTime is Not Working

In some device, even after following the download procedures the app may not work properly and there may be some reasons behind it.

  • The FaceTime should be enabled in your app to launch and use it. This issue may prevent you from making audio or video calls on the pc. To fix this issue go to the settings and click the enable button.
  • The other common reason for FaceTime not working may be due to the down of the server. If the FaceTime server is down then you cannot open this app. If you troubleshoot without knowing the exact problem you may face other additional errors. If you find any unusual error it is always suggested to check whether is the server is down.
  • Many at times the issue can be very funny as many users fail to check their internet connections. This app can be accessed only if there is a good net connection otherwise you may not experience proper communication. You can also check whether the device is correctly connected with your internet server and the aeroplane mode is off.  Surf other websites to see how good your net connection is.
  • Many people say that the app does not work properly or smoothly. You may have to update the app for it to work efficiently.


FaceTime is a brilliantly developed video calling app. it is truly amusing that this is now available for Windows 10.  This app is now accessible by users around the globe. To use this opportunity download this app immediately by reading the interaction on your device.