Devices that will improve the gaming experience in World of Warcraft Classic

WoW, Classic is a logical relaunch of the main WoW update, since the classic brings with it the idea of ​​returning to the hardcore update, beloved by all fans of World of Warcraft MMOs.

There are a number of devices that can help a gamer to mine cheap wow classic gold much easier and have more fun with long-term gaming.

What devices will help a gamer in World of Warcraft classic:

  • Gaming chair
  • Gaming mouse with extra buttons
  • Gaming Keyboard
  • Headset
  • Second monitor

Gaming chair

A good gaming chair can create a condition where a gamer can play their favorite game for days and not experience physical discomfort.

The chair is made of good materials – leather or leather substitute. It is recommended to use all the extra cushions that come with the chair. The upper is designed to fix the neck and relax it if necessary. The lower one is needed to relax the lower back and reduce the load on the spine.

If necessary, the chair tilts back, and the player can relax and rest his eyes.

black flat screen computer monitor turned on near black computer keyboard

Gaming mouse with extra buttons

A good gaming mouse is equipped with additional buttons on which you can configure the most important and important skills, or potions, which should always be at hand for the player in any situation.

But the buttons are not the only thing that is useful for a gaming mouse – it always comes with software in which you can configure macros and scripts – indispensable helpers for any gamer.

Macro – allows you to configure the sequence of skills used and fix them in the frame of one button, so the player will press the button and the character will complete the entire cycle of skills, which will either end and be inactive until the next click or looped into constant repetition.

A script is an action that a character performs with the mouse. The player turns on the recording and captures all mouse movements, the program remembers the coordinates of the cursor and after activation, the mouse will click in the same places, which will actually set up automatic pumping for any character.

Gaming Keyboard

The gaming keyboard supports the creation and configuration of game macros and scripts, just like a mouse, but the keyboard has other advantages.

The keyboard is of two types – mechanical and membrane.

Mechanical – has a physically fast response due to the work of the springs, and the consequences of pressing are triggered in the system even before the key is pressed to the end; this gives an advantage with the active use of keys and skills. The disadvantage of such a keyboard is noisy operation, mechanical keys emit characteristic clicks during operation, similar to a typewriter.

Membrane – have a softer stroke, but are delayed by a millisecond with a response due to the need for full compression before the operating system responds.

Otherwise, the keyboards are identical, often equipped with bright colors, and support macros, and scripts.


A good headset helps to bring out the game in all colors due to the sound, and even if you turn off the game sounds, it will help you enjoy good music or a movie.

There are two types of good headphones:

  • Virtual 7.1 sound
  • Real 7.1 sound

Virtual 7.1 sound – created by the software that comes with the headphones. The player hears the full range of sound from 7 sound sources at different distances from the center. Of course, in some places, the player will clearly hear the software component, but otherwise, this is an excellent solution for revealing all the sound effects and emotions from the game.

Real 7.1 sound – created by components that are mounted inside the headset. These headphones belong to the premium segment and are equipped with good materials in which the ears do not sweat. The headset is expensive but also sounds like a good sound stage, able to faithfully convey all sound and clearly convey distance and volume.

It makes no sense to buy real 7.1 if your budget does not allow it, just buy virtual 7.1 and upgrade to real 7.1 over time.

Second monitor

The second monitor is always a dilution of tedious farming due to interesting content. On it, you can watch a series, a movie, a twitch broadcast, or YouTube.

Picking up a good second monitor will not be difficult. It is enough to choose a full HD monitor, the ideal resolution would be 1920×1080, or at least HD. These monitors are not expensive and are perfect for viewing content. If you need to upgrade, it’s better to spend money on the main monitor.