How to Clean iPhone’s Charging Port? [Simple Life-Hack]

Your iPhone may stop charging due to a dirty charging port. It is a very common issue. The first fix to solve the problem you can try is to clean the iPhone’s charging port. The process is really simple but you need to know the right way to do it. If you want to learn it, this post will easily guide you.

Here, I will explain how to clean the iPhone’s charging port to get it back working. I will teach you the safest method, so you don’t further damage it. Or else, your hopes of saving money would end up costing you more.

Why Is My iPhone Not Charging?

Apple’s iPhones are known to offer the best performance. They are built sleek and sturdy. However, sometimes you may encounter issues even on an iPhone. A very common iPhone issue is “My iPhone not charging.” You may have seen people complaining about it on the web or even in real life that their iPhone is having problems charging.

There can be various reasons for an iPhone not charging. Some of them are listed below:

  • Problematic or Damaged charging cable.
  • Damaged Socket.
  • Damaged Charging port or inner circuit.
  • Dirty charging port.

The most common causes are two- 1) damaged charging cable and 2) dirty charging port. Since you can’t fix the first one at home, you’d have to get a new cable. But, you can surely fix the second one at home on your own.

How Does the iPhone’s Charging Port Get Dirty?

Your iPhone will stop charging completely or charging properly when its charging port gets dirty. Over time, dirt, dust, and lint (fibers) from your pockets or surroundings could enter your iPhone’s charging port and form a blockage. When you enter the charging cable into the port, you’d unknowingly push the debris deeper. Eventually, the case will worsen so much that your iPhone will stop charging.

This is because the dirt and debris break the connection between the charging port and charging cable. So, you must clean the port to get it back to work. If you’ll directly take the iPhone to the service center, the first fix they’ll try will be cleaning the port. You can save up some money by doing that at home, but safely.

How to Clean iPhone’s Charging Port?

As mentioned above, cleaning the iPhone’s charging port is the first and easiest fix to solve the charging issue. You can easily do that at your home without needing professional help. But, you have to do that safely. Or else, you may permanently damage the port, and then getting it replaced will be the only option left.

Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to do clean the iPhone’s charging port safely without damaging it. However, if your iPhone is under warranty, I’d suggest you can just directly take it to the service center. If the warranty is over, try the cleaning at home.

Things You Will Need

Before moving to the cleaning method, first, collect the things you will need for cleaning. You will need the following things to clean your iPhone’s charging port at home:

  • Toothpick- You can use a toothpick to clean the dirt stuck inside the charging port. It is wooden, so it won’t do any damage to the port or circuit. If you’ll use a needle or any other metal object, then there are chances you’ll severely damage the port. You can also use the ‘Sim Key’ for cleaning as it is built of stainless steel.
  • Flashlight- To check the visible dirt inside the port. You can also use the flashlight of another mobile.
  • Tissue Paper or Towel- To clean the object you will use for cleaning the port (toothpick).
  • Cotton- To ensure the sharp end of the toothpick doesn’t work adversely for the port. Although it is not essential.

These are things you will need to clean the iPhone’s charging port. Get them and you can easily get rid of the dirt inside.

Steps to Follow

Once you have got the essential supplies, you can start the cleaning. Remember that you’ll have to be very careful and patient while doing it. When ready, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step-1: Turn off the iPhone. You can do that either by using keys or through the Settings app. Keep your hand away from the power button after turning it off. So, you don’t accidentally turn it on.

Step-2: After turning it off, turn on the flashlight and see inside the charging port. Check if there is any visible debris or gunk of dirt. It will mostly be visible on the sides or at the end.

Step-3: Pick up your toothpick and roll it over the cotton piece, so a few cotton rolls over the sharp edge. If you don’t want to use cotton and want to use the bare toothpick, you can skip this step.

Step-4: Now insert the toothpick into the charging port gently. Try scraping as much dirt as you can with the toothpick.

Make sure you keep cleaning the toothpick’s end frequently with a tissue or towel while cleaning the port. It may take some time to clean the dried up gunk. Don’t apply too much pressure on the toothpick or else, it will break inside.

Step-5: Once you feel you have cleared enough gunk, use the flashlight and check the port again.

Step-6: After making sure the port is clean, turn on your iPhone.

That’s it. Now check if the iPhone is charging properly. It probably will if the core reason for the issue was the dirt stuck inside the port.

Alternate Methods

There are some more methods to clean the iPhone’s charging port. You can also clean it by using compressed air or rubbing alcohol. Using compressed air is a great way to get rid of the dirt without touching it. You can use a can of compressed air to do that. But, make it sure it doesn’t have any liquid inside. Just spray the air in very short and light bursts to get the dirt out until the port is clean.

Another method is to clean the port with alcohol. To do that, take a toothpick, cover it with cotton (very little), and dip it in a rubbing alcohol solution. Now turn off your iPhone, and clean it with the toothpick until the port is cleaned. Once done, restart your iPhone.

If this Didn’t Work, then Take your iPhone for Professional Help

If none of the cleaning methods worked for you and your iPhone is still not charging, then you will need professional help to fix it. Just take your iPhone to the nearby service center and explain to them your issue. They’ll gladly help you and fix the problem.

You can also get the issue solved at unofficial repair shops. But, only visit them if you trust them with your device.

Final Verdict

iPhone not charging is a common issue. It generally occurs due to a dirty charging port. This is how you can clean an iPhone’s charging port to solve the problem. If you need any further help regarding anything mentioned here, feel free to use the comment box. I’ll be glad to help you more.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful.