Buckle Credit Card: Simple… But Is It Worth It?

Buckle is another American fashion retailer offering ways for its shoppers to receive benefits as they shop. Through Buckle Rewards Program, even infrequent store visitors can receive points for every purchase they make. For Buckle patrons, on the other hand, there is the Buckle credit card that can bump up the points earning rate. But aside from that, what can this card offer?

Buckle Credit Card Review

Buckle Credit Card Review

Intro Bonus: 10% off 

Regular APR: 24.99%

Credit Score: Fair to Good

Annual Fee: $0


  • You can earn up to 3 points using the Buckle credit card.
  • Qualifying for the card makes you a Premier cardholder.
  • To redeem a $10 reward, you need to collect 300 points.
  • The card has zero annual fees.
  • Premier+ cardholders can enjoy free shipping on all Buckle card purchases.

Buckle Credit Card Review

Buckle Credit Card

Buckle Credit Card

The Buckle Rewards is a downright simple program that welcomes everyone who wants to join it. However, unlike the other program of other stores, the Buckle Rewards Program has nothing much to offer.

It basically allows members to earn a point per dollar spent at Buckle and exchange every 300 points collected for a $10 reward. It also grants the member access to Bonus Points Events, and that’s everything about it.

Enter the Buckle credit card. This closed-loop retail store CC promises to give you a better set of benefits without paying annual fees. You can even get a 10% off as a welcome bonus when you get approved. But in general, is the card really a big game-changer in your Buckle shopping experience?

Qualifying for a Buckle credit card will give you an automatic boost in the program tiers of Buckle, and there are three of them. Non-card members of the program start with the basic Member level. As a cardholder, however, you will be automatically placed at the Premier status of the program. And once you have spent $1,000 or more using the card, you will be granted the Permier+ status, which needs to be maintained by spending the same amount every program year.

Buckle Rewards Program Tier Benefits

Buckle Rewards Program Tier Benefits

The tiers will determine the points earning rate of the program members. That being said, while non-card Members only get 1 point per dollar, Premier and Premier+ cardholders will receive two points and three points respectively for each dollar spent at Buckle. Nonetheless, the amount of the rewards certificate will remain the same regardless of the tier.

The Premier and Premier+ cardholders will also get the same access for Bonus Points Events, but they will get special offers from Buckle as an additional perk. There is also free shipping for both tiers when they use the card for their purchases at the store. And while Premier+ cardholders will receive free domestic ground shipping on all Buckle card purchases, Premier cardholders must spend at least $99 on a Buckle card purchase to earn the free domestic ground shipping offer.

Final Thoughts

That is everything the Buckle credit card offers, making it truly simple compared to others in the market. You can understand how it works without breaking a sweat, but it’s the same thing that makes it a bit unattractive for some… especially to those looking for a generous rewards structure.

And like the other store cards, fanatics who spend big at Buckle store will benefit from it. Yet, imagine how much you can earn back from your dollars if you use a better card every time you shop at the said location: an open-loop card that will help you earn cashback or points wherever you use it and redeem your points in a variety of ways. Some even offer 0% intro APR and other perks from hotel to travel purposes. If that sounds exciting, then start considering the offers of issuers like Wells Fargo, Citi, Capital One, Bank of America, Discover, Amex, and Chase.