35 Best WoW Addons to Make World of Warcraft Better

World of Warcraft” players often keep searching for the best WoW addons to enhance their overall game experience. If you are one such player, you have come to the right place. Here, I will tell you about the best add-ons that you can use while playing to make the game even better.

These 35 World of Warcraft Addons will allow you to make any change you would like to make the default game UI and gameplay. You just need to pick a suitable add-on, and it’ll do the rest.

Best WoW Addons That You Must Use

World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online RPG game. This wonder by Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t changed much over time since 2004. As the newest expansion to WoW is coming on October 27th, players have been looking for some great WoW addons to enhance their user experience. We have collected the best ones and will tell you about them here.

best wow addons

These add-ons provide limitless functionalities, such as revamping the entire UI, to helping you in battles, and even manage your inventory. There is an add-on for everything. You can just find it and install it by going through our list.

Key Tip: Before moving further, I’d recommend that you download the Twitch desktop app on your computer as the first step. It will help you to easily install and manage your World of Warcraft installations.

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Once ready, continue below to find the right add-ons to aid you in the battle for Azeroth or Shadowlands.

1. MoveAnything

Move Anything WoW Addons

MoveAnything is an amazing add-on for World of Warcraft that allows you to adjust each and every UI element. You can customize action bars, portrait location, minimap location, and anything else. If you are bored with the default UI, this will allow you to make the necessary adjustments. It is great for any type of player.

2. ElvUI

ElvUI WoW Addons

ElvUI is another add-on that is able to tweak the default user interface. This great tool is able to redesign any element in the WoW UI. It is a collection of many useful add-ons that any player will require. You can use it to improve inventory, adjust spell bar placement, and even perform repairs automatically. The TidyPlates addon that comes with it is the best option to customize the UI.

3. Azeroth Auto Pilot

Azeroth Autopilot WoW Addons

Azeroth Auto Pilot is a wonderful add-on that helps you in automating a lot of things after your character has been leveled up to 120 in the battle for Azeroth. After installing it, an arrow will steer you from quest to quest in a highly optimized path. You can also interact with items, communicate with NPSs, and do many things automatically. It will your grind really simple.

4. Deadly Boss Mods

Deadly Boss Mods WoW Addons

Deadly Boss Mods is a great add-on that will help you with the World of Warcraft’s tough boss fights. It will provide you with alerts to warn you of the dreadful attacks and will give you simple instructions on how to counter them. So, you won’t have to memorize every boss fight. It will not only help you but will help your whole squad against the bosses.

5. OPie

Opie Wow Addons

OPie is a simple to use but very useful World of Warcraft add-on. It is able to create contextual radial menus to help you while using certain abilities on your action bar with just the mouse. If you want to free up some action bar space dump random radial menus, then this is the right tool for you. It isn’t an essential add-on, but it is pretty useful.

6. WeakAuras 2

WeakAuras 2 is a unique and very different add-on than any other names mentioned here. It often termed as the most complex tool by the WoW community. This add-on is a complete framework that allows you to display special graphical elements on the screen for indicating buffs, debuffs, and other important status effects instead of showing numbers and meters.

7. Details! Damage Meter

Details! Damage Meter is a pretty useful add-on that every play should use. It displays an accurate graphical DPS meter that shows how much damage you and everyone in your team is doing by sifting through the combat log. Such details are very important when you are playing a damage-dealing specialization. This tool also shows talent choices and the item level of your party members.

8. All the Things

All the Things is an amazing add-on that identifies everything you are missing such as rare kills, achievements, items, etc, and displays them in an easy to understand interface. Along with this, it also provides information about the things you are collecting. So, you must install this while playing. Using it will prevent you from missing out on special items.

9. HandyNotes

HandyNotes works just like you carry a diary or notebook to write notes on any journey but in the World of Warcraft. It allows you to add notes as you go along by an Alt-right click on the world map. You can type in whatever you want to remember. You can even find published collections of HandyNotes that allow you to keep track of everything.

10. GTFO

GTFO is a unique audio-based add-on. It is a simple tool that does only a single thing- it barks at you when you are standing in something harmful. This lightweight add-on is very useful while fighting bosses as it warns you when you are hit by any ability that you could have easily avoided. You can also enable its visual warning by integrating it with other addons.

35 WoW Addons 2021

Here are 35 WOW Addons with free download links;

  1. MoveAnything
  2. ElvUI
  3. Azeroth Auto Pilot
  4. Deadly Boss Mods
  5. OPie
  6. WeakAuras 2
  7. Details! Damage Meter
  8. All the Things
  9. HandyNotes
  10. GTFO
  11. World Quest Tracker
  12. Omen Threat Meter
  13. Dynamic Cam
  14. Bartender 4
  15. Bagnon
  16. OmniCC
  17. LookingForGroup
  18. Auctioneer
  19. Gatherer
  20. Rarity
  21. Quartz
  22. TradeSkillMaster
  23. Pawn
  24. Recount
  25. BigWigs Boss mods
  26. Method Dungeon Tools
  27. TomTom
  28. HealBot Continued
  29. Simulationcraft
  30. Gathermate 2
  31. AtlasLootClassic
  32. RareScanner
  33. Leatrix Plus
  34. Nova World Buffs
  35. Raider.io Mythic Plus and Raid Progress

Final Words

WoW Addons allow you to completely customize the World of Warcraft user interface to enhance the overall user experience. These are the 35 best World of Warcraft Add-ons that any player should use. If you aren’t using them yet, you are really missing out on some brilliant experiences. Just install them right now. If you know about some more good add-ons, let us all know through the comment box.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.