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Looking for the best micro ATX cases under your budget? This article is based upon the rating, comparing the top 8 Micro ATX cases across plenty of budgets. The rating of each ATX case has been done by considering its features and specifications, build-quality, and most importantly, the price.

Micro ATX cases are the most pocket-friendly gadgets for your motherboard. While considering its size, then it is a bit smaller than the standard ATX cases and a bit larger than the Mini ITX cases. However, all the efforts have been summed up in this article with the buyer’s guide. Stick to it and find out who is going to take the fame!

Best Micro ATX Cases

This table represents the top 8 Micro ATX cases across ample ranges. Go through all the features and then finally consider which should be worth buying!

1. NZXT H400i

  • Three Aer F120 mm Fans
  • Full tempered Glass to high clarity.
  • Noise balance Technology
  • Improved Cable Management System

NZXT’s amazing H400i series comes up with the peerless CAM powered Smart device that executes the fan performance and RGB lighting so snugly that you will not have any queries with its activity. Noise Reduction Technology can control noise and RGB lighting through fabulous fan settings and machine learning. The tempered glass panel gives you the full provision of clarity.

The H400i series is one of the best Micro ATX cases that can hold video cards up to 16.2 inches in length and 6.5 inches in height. It has the provision of holding an AIO cooler of 120 mm and 5 individual fans. As far as the availability of colors is concerned, it is available in 4 colors and if you are thinking of buying a durable Micro ATX case, then NZXT H400i is one of the best in budget and worthy of buying.

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Smart compact structured device.
  • Premium quality.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Even if the presence of 2 filters allows a certain amount of dust in 5 fans.

2. Phanteks EVOLV micro ATX

  • Hidden HDD/PSU/cables
  • Dual Tempered Glass available
  • Long GPU supports.
  • Water cooling Technology

You can also consider Phanteks EVOLVE Micro ATX beside NZXT H400i due to the similarity of features. Well, the Phanteks Evolv model also comes up with a PSU Shroud and Dual Tempered Glass panel. H400i has a bit more clearance for video cards than the Phanteks as it can allow only 12.5 inches long cards.

However, its 3 mm anodized Aluminum body and water cooling technology gives immense support up to 280 mm top and 360 mm front, a pump bracket, and AIO water cooling up to 360 mm.  As far as other features are concerned, it has accessible and convenient magnetic Tempered Glass Panels on the Hinges to remove dust from the filters feasibly. You will get three color schemes with it. So, you can definitely try this out!

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Two SSD brackets are included.
  • Immense Radiator support.
  • Robust water cooling potential.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Scarcity in optimal airflow.

3. Thermaltake Level 20 VT

  • Compact structured
  • Supports both Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards
  • 3 inches of long CPU Coolers
  • Ultra-viable Tempered Glass panels

Thermaltake Level 20 VT is our top pick due to its cubic style appearance. Well, it has been launched in the market recently and acquires so many positive reviews. As far as its durability is concerned, it comes up with four tempered glass panels at the top, front, and two other sides. Thermaltake’s viability comes into play due to its resistivity to dust and scratches, and thus makes a clear provision of viewing internal components.

An Advanced Ventilation Technology of 200 mm pre-installed front fan has been incorporated into this micro ATX case. However, the powerful case has ample rooms inside to support 13.8 inches of Graphics cards and 7.3 inches of CPU coolers. Apart from that, this micro ATX case supports liquid cooling and 280 mm long radiators. Okay, if you are craving for something that will give you a better cooling technology and amazing clarity, then you should definitely consider this one.

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Two-chamber design.
  • Racks design for ample flexibility.
  • Rapid Transmission.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • It does not have an RGB lighted controller.
  • It does not allow much airflow.

4. Antec P6

  • White LED fan
  • Supports both Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards.
  • Holding capability a maximum of 6 fans

Antec P6 Micro ATX case is value for the money and we chose it. You know why? Because robust features of Antec p6 will surely blow your mind as it possesses famous system builders, such as a PSU Shroud, a Tempered Glass Panel. Its sleek design will always let you be attracted and will never scare away users due to its amazing features.

There is an availability of several rooms inside to house the 15.4 inches of Graphics Cards and 6.3 inches of CPU coolers. However, it can hold the radiators up to 240 mm long and the thickness of the radiator and fans are no less than 55 mm. So like Thermaltake Level 20VT, it also possesses liquid cooling technology as well.

Anyways, Antec P6 is worth considering at this affordable price and a nice-looking Micro ATX case.

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Availability of magnetic front/top dust filter.
  • Ductile hard drive supporting system.
  • Amazing finish, sleek designed body.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Flimsy case.

5. Thermaltake Versa H15

  • Enhanced Air Flow System
  • Pre-installed rear fan
  • Supports both Mini ITX and Micro ATX
  • Guarantee of 3 years

Well, Thermaltake Versa H15 is the most inexpensive amongst the list, but that does not mean it is a sluggish one. However, it comes up with only one pre-installed fan, but later on; you can add four more fans to it. The minimalistic and perforated design allows for outstanding air intake and obviously dust-free airflow. There is an additional room for air circulation to maintain a proper venting.

It assures you the pretty good clearance of Graphic cards and CPU coolers. Well, the graphic card and CPU coolers fitting size are 12.4 inches and 6.1 inches respectively. This size accommodation is enough for high-end CPU coolers and Graphic Cards. Lastly, who does not need a budget-oriented micro ATX case with such strong features.

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • A perfect ATX case built for gamers.
  • Hassle-free Cable Management.
  • 120 mm pre-installed rear fan.
  • Dual drive bay design.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • LED light remains ON after it gets to sleep mode.

6. Fractal Design Node 804

  • 6 inches of long GPU.
  • 3 inches of tall CPU
  • Holding capacity of 9 fans
  • Color availability is in black only

Another cubic designed ATX case with so much ease. Well, Fractal Node 804 is an excellent option due to its sleek minimalistic cubic design. Being a top-notch choice of gamers or professionals, Node 804 provides sufficient rooms and clearance for users to build up a high-end system inside of it. It gets immense support due to a 12.6 inches long Graphics card and 6.3 inches tall CPU coolers. Apart from that, 280 mm of Liquid Cooling Radiators can also be fitted to this.

However, if you want to fit an AIO Cooler inside of it, you are able to do so.

Nevertheless, considering the price, it will be tighter on budget. If you are a bit aware of the price, then you can check out other cubic design micro ATX cases from the list.

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • No Power supply Micro ATX case.
  • Sleek and compact design.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Moderate build quality.
  • Expensive ATX case.

7. BitFenix Prodigy M

  • 6 inches of long GPU
  • 3 inches of tall CPU
  • Holding capacity of 5 fans
  • 5 color schemes available

A unique micro ATX, Prodigy M maintains the same compact structure and smooth design to its original version. Apart from that, it enables users to allow several expansion cards. This case is available in four color schemes, like green, plain white, orange, black, and there are two handles on the front and back to make it convenient.

The inner space is sufficient for incorporating four 3.5 inches of hard drives, 240 mm radiators. And also there is Magnetic Heat Shield included filling the bottom with hard drives not with fans. You will definitely fall for its immense CPU cooler cutout, Soft-touch Technology, and most importantly the rolled-edge cable which is passed through.

However, price is somehow considerable and with its robust features, Prodigy M is a decent choice for every customer out there.

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Flexible and compact design.
  • Robust Crossfire Dual Graphics Technology.
  • Perfect modular power.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Cable Management is not good.
  • Handles are mostly fragile.

8. Corsair Crystal 280X

  • 8 inches of long GPU
  • 9 inches of tall CPU
  • Holding capacity of 6 fans
  • Available in 4 colors

Looking for another cubic designed micro ATX case? Corsair’s Crystal 280X would be the ideal pick for you. As far as the storage capacity is concerned, it possesses flexible storage for up to three 2.5 inches drives and two 3.5 inches drives that maintain your system junk-free without hampering storage space.

Crystal 280X has two color schemes, white or black, and you can choose the RGB edition or the Standard Tempered Glass edition from there. If you have preference over cubic style than any other design, you should consider this micro ATX case.

[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Smooth cooling path to direct airflow to the hottest components.
  • Well-furnished ATX case.
  • Three Tempered Glass panels.
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Smaller fans on the front.
  • The case is getting overheated sometimes.

Which Micro ATX case will you choose amidst all?

In this context, you can find various essential and salient features that will assure your mind to purchase the best micro ATX case for yourself. Well, as you read the above best 8 micro ATX case, the categorization and features are authentic and can ensure you purchase the best one. Now best picks are elucidated below and you can also see the reviews of them from Amazon.

  • Our Top-pick will be NZXT H400i.
  • The runner-up is Phanteks EVOLV mATX.
  • The Best sleek cubic design ATX is Thermaltake Level 20VT.
  • The value picked micro ATX is Antec P6.
  • The Budget-savvy one is Thermaltake Versa H15.

What should you look for in a Case?

  1. Internal Space: It is the most important thing that you should consider before buying. The internal space of the ATX case will let you install various games and other apps on your PC. So check all the specifications before a plunge into anything.
  2. Cooling Features: Number of cooling fans plays an important role while choosing a micro ATX case. The lower number of fans will automatically make your system overheated and damaged easily.
  3. Dust Filter: it is a significant consideration amongst all. This is due to the fact that you want to protect the inner components from getting dusted. So always make sure the more the numbers of dust filters more it will be trapped in a certain place.

Well, the above-mentioned micro ATX cases will definitely stand out if a trendy appearance is concerned. Not only that, but those are also featured with robust technologies starting from accommodating high-end gaming, clearance for longer graphics cards to finally incorporation of a longer CPU cooler system in a budget-friendly way. So what are you waiting for? Pick any of these micro ATX cases that perfectly fits in your budget and as well as requirements.