5 Best Discord Alternatives in 2021

Discord Alternatives: There is no doubt that Discord is one of the best communication software for text and voice. It became popular for its simplicity and ease of use in the gaming community.

Even with its powerful support for voice calls and bot integration, Discord has some shortcomings. For example, Discord does not have e2e encryption. Along with that, the limit for file sharing is low, even for Discord Nitro.

Also, Discord is aimed at the gamer niche and is not suitable for professional use. However, if you areĀ  looking for the best similar apps like Discord then read this article till the end.

So in today’s guide, I will list some of the best alternatives for Discord.

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5 Best Discord Alternatives in 2021

Below are the top 5 alternatives you can use instead of Discord.

1. Chantey is one of the best Discord Alternatives


Chantey it’s a Simple but powerful team chat and task management app. Like Discord, you can start a public conversation with your team.

Also, start a private conversation for selected members, or a direct message to a member for direct and fast communication. But unlike Discord, Chanty has E2E encryption.

So all your messages and digital transactions are safe with the Enterprise-grade data protection.

Another feature of Chanty that stands out is the ability to create Chores. Messages from your conversations can be converted to Tasks.

These tasks can be assigned to other people and can be edited on the fly. All of their resources are available in their respective sections on the left side menu.

Chanty also supports the Kanban view & to expiration date function for greater project management and a professional look. Chanty also has app integrations like Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, GitLab, Github and more.

It is used by large companies such as TATA, NASA, Nike, Oracle and many more companies. Chanty can be synced across multiple devices so you can access Chanty wherever you are. Chanty can be a perfect alternative to Discord.

2. Flock: Best Discord Alternatives

alternative to herd discord

Flock is another one communication and collaboration platform that’s an alternative to Discord. Have To-do list feature allowing administrators to assign tasks and letting other team members know what needs to be done.

Flock also has a built-in survey function It allows for a quick and easy voting system so everyone is on the same page. The great thing about Flock is that it has something called Flock OS.

Flock OS allows users build custom apps, build bots, and integrations that adapts to the needs of your channel.

Are Apps, bots, and integrations can be shared and Discharged from the Flock Store. Flock also supports integrations like Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, GitLab, Github and more.

Flock too supports cross-platform so you can access Flock from your PC and mobile phone.

3. Keybase.io


Keybase.io is another one E2E encrypted communication platform. It is so secure that all your communications are encrypted by Keybase.io’s own developers.

The reason it is so secure is that it uses a technology called PGP Encryption. This makes it one of the most secure platforms on this list.

Also, there are features like blast messages that can add more privacy and secrecy to your chats.

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4. Teamspeak: Discord Alternatives

alternative to discord by teamspeak

Teamspeak is another alternative to Discord, this could be your next option. Provides crystal clear audio which is very useful in clutch situations.

Apart from the audio quality, also Provides military-grade security, ultra-low latency, lowest resource usage of any VoIP software, and 3D surround sound as standard.

Another nice feature of Teamspeak is that it has decentralized servers so the call will never be interrupted by server failures.

Teamspeak is the main communication software used in Overwatch ESports, NASA, Hologate and Wargaming.NET. Pretty decent if I had to say so. Although it will be difficult when you start using it, you will master it.

5. Tox


Tox is a simple E2E encrypted communication platform with a minimalist user interface. It’s easy to use, very safe and the best part is does not have centralized servers.

Another advantage of Tox is that it is Free and open source. This may not mean much to the average user, but for programmers it is like a jackpot. You can customize it according to your taste or use.

Toxic which is a Cross-platform Tox client written in Python3. It is also very light so it won’t cause any problem on your system.

These were the alternatives to Discord that you can immediately use. Discord is not bad software, rather it may be one of the best.

But if you are concerned about your privacy and other similar factors, choose these alternatives. These alternatives in and of themselves have many benefits and some problems.

Hopefully this guide about best Discord Alternatives has helped you. You can also consult our guides at Fixing Black Screen Sharing Problem and The best emotes and emoji servers to join on Discord.