According to Rumor, the PS5 Pro Controller is Coming

Sony is rumoured to be planning the release of a PlayStation 5 Pro Controller shortly. The PS5 Pro Controller, along with many other new pieces of gear, is expected to be released “in the coming weeks.” The new gamepad is believed to have features similar to those found on the Xbox Elite and SCUF controllers and some new ones.

A PS5 Pro controller is in development

According to trusted leaker Tom Henderson, Sony intends to release a PS5 Pro Controller (via Try Hard Guides). Trigger stops, back paddles similar to the Elite controller, and replaceable analogue stick components are all said to be included. 

You could probably put different forms of controls in the analogue stick sockets, which may lead to some exciting gaming possibilities. The PS5 Pro Controller is also said to have detachable grips, allowing further customization.

As with Xbox, Sony’s PS5 OS will likely be updated to allow users to customize their PS5 Pro Controller parameters. Perhaps this will enable system-wide button remapping and analogue sensitivity adjustment.

Unfortunately, no photographs of the gamepad have been provided, so we don’t know what it’ll look like. We know it won’t depart too much from the usual DualSense design. 

Haptics and adaptive triggers are likely to work in the same way. However, it would be wonderful if they were given more personalization possibilities.

Sony’s decision to give a premium controller option for the PS5 is excellent, particularly considering they didn’t do so with the PS4. The Xbox Elite Series controllers have proven to be quite popular, and PlayStation fans have been requesting something comparable for years. So, hopefully, the Pro Controller will be released shortly.

In other developments, the Gran Turismo film will hit theatres in August 2023, while the God of War Ragnarok release date saga continues.