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Problem solving and support for life’s challenges

Basis sessions are designed to help you feel better today and build resilience for tomorrow. A 45-minute video or phone call provides support, problem solving and fresh perspective.

Affordable, convenient sessions

The goal of a Basis session is to walk away feeling lighter and better equipped
to handle whatever you’re facing. Explore what’s on your mind without judgment or bias. It’s 100% confidential and anonymous. Just $35/session – no membership or commitment required.

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Skilled, compassionate specialists

Basis Specialists undergo a rigorous training and evaluation process developed by former Stanford psychologists. They’re trained to help you work through personal challenges in a way that research shows is more effective than venting to a friend or just “dealing with it”.

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Everyday support for everyday challenges


Feeling overwhelmed
Work-life balance
Changing jobs


Communicating better
Conflict resolution
Doubts and insecurities


Feeling stuck
Talking through emotions
Making time for yourself

Anything you need to get off your mind

How Basis compares



Clinical Conversational
$200+ per session $35 per session
Schedule weeks in advance Sessions when you want them, including on-demand
Usually in-person, requires traveling to an office Over video or phone, from the comfort of your home
Ongoing treatment Effective in one session
Often relies heavily on experience and intuition Evidence-based approach draws on three decades of research and 200+ clinical
May not be accepting new clients Available to anyone, anywhere
Diagnoses mental illness No specific focus on psychological disorders

97% of sessions are rated helpful

“I had an absolutely amazing experience. The specialist I talked to was very educated on the topic that I discussed, listened to me and helped me find a solution to problems that I’ve been trying to solve for literal months. I have every intention of coming back - especially because it’s so affordable.”

“This was my first experience sitting down and talking to someone about my problems. I went into it with a lot of anxiety and came out with absolute certainty that I would do it again. Thank you so much for providing this product and thank you so much to my specialist for helping me.”

“My specialist was awesome! She was warm and made me feel like I could speak honestly, she was smart about the follow up questions she asked, and had a confident energy that made me trust that she was leading me in the right direction. I felt like I worked through something I haven't been able to talk about before. Honestly, I wasn't planning to do a session after this one, but I was so impressed that I’m going to book again.”

“Incredible specialist - very easy to talk to and left me feeling great. Thankful that the app exists and offers these sessions that help people.”

“I think this is a wonderful idea and much needed as an affordable way to have a competent, compassionate ear to listen to you.”

“My specialist was great and very helpful. She listened well and brought back some thoughts I was overlooking in my analysis which was useful. I will likely use Basis again. It's a great service.”

“Call was really great. My specialist was super helpful. I'll definitely recommend her and come back for future sessions. Thanks!”

“My specialist was amazing! Very kind and easy to talk to. Thank you for connecting us!”

“Really like this idea and will use it again. The conversation was helpful. Overall I was very pleased.”

“My specialist was super helpful! I so appreciated connecting with her and her ability to empathize.”

Talk to someone, feel better.

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If you are in crisis or experiencing a medical emergency, do not use this site. Dial 9-1-1 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.