Boogie IQ™ by Basis – Twerk Early, Twerk Often

APRIL FOOLS! Though Boogie IQ is not real, we hope you’ll keep on dancin’! We’ll automatically track your calories as you do. Meanwhile, scroll down to check out a gif of the Basis team Twerking, all in the name of research and a having good time.

Does your Crossfit class frown upon your Running Man and Sprinkler dance moves? Is your beloved “fitness tracker” denying you steps from your Gangnam routine? And do you think Miley needs to step up her game if she’s going to match up to your Twerking?

Enter Boogie IQ™ — a revolutionary (and non-judgmental) new feature from Basis that automatically tracks your every step, pop and lock. Whether it’s Twerking, Gangnam Style, Running Man or the Sprinkler, this next generation technology captures all your hottest moves and gives you credit for calories burned.

Sure, we do all that other stuff for your health like tracking REM & Deep sleep with the most sensors of any fitness tracker…but if you’re going to be Bootylicious like Beyonce, you deserve more.


Boogie IQ MMI

Twerking Ain’t Easy But It’s Necessary

You probably know that every Basis band comes loaded with Body IQ™  technology which automatically helps you track sleep phases, sleep quality, walking, running, biking and more.

Now, for the first time ever, Boogie IQ™ automatically captures all your best (and worst) dance moves, including 4 signature routines:

Once you start dancing, you’ll see your current dance type instantly tracked, as well as dance duration and caloric burn from bustin’ each move. And like Body IQ™, there’s no need to interrupt your groove to push buttons or activate dance modes – it’s automatically captured!

Dance Insights

Score On The Dance Floor

Love to dance but not sure your moves are ready for the dance floor? Our Shimmy Score™ feature helps you easily evaluate the quality of your groove based on our advanced move analytics. Once you upload your data, our patented algorithms will classify your groove quality based on rhythm, movement and style into distinct shimmy levels including – the Urkel, the Carlton and the JT. On your personal dashboard, you’ll see how each move fits into your daily routine and which ones help you burn the most calories while shaking your stuff on the dance floor.

Twerking Ain't Easy

Basis Tested, Party Approved

Boogie IQ™ came from years of extensive in-house, scientific research. Our researchers and engineers (yup, that’s actually them below) spent countless hours at the office and local clubs Twerking, popping and sliding to develop these patented algorithms.

Independent validation was provided by the Cambridge-based SWAG Research Institute (Scientists With A Groove) which rigorously tested Boogie IQ™ with hundreds of test subjects and at least one merengue-dancing dog. When asked about Boogie IQ™, the Director of SWAG, Dr. Icahn Danz, said “No other health tracker twerks harder to deliver this level of insight to its users.”


Get Down Today

If you are a current Basis user, Boogie IQ™ will automatically be activated on your device after approximately 30 minutes of continuous dancing. For best results, we recommend the Electric Slide or Funky Chicken to start. If you’re new to Twerking, we recommend a month of yoga first.

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Thanks and have a wonderful April 1st,

The Basis Team