Advanced Sleep Analysis is Here!

We’re excited to officially release Advanced Sleep Analysis today. Leveraging our Body IQ™ technology, Basis now captures every aspect of your sleep: REM Sleep, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Toss-and-Turn, Interruptions and Duration. To help you understand and improve your sleep quality, Basis also provides a personalized sleep dashboard with a summary of these metrics and an easy-to-understand Sleep Score, your benchmark for sleep quality.

For a product overview, check out our previous blog post or watch the video below. For more details on what to expect, read this new post by Tejash Unadkat, our Director of Product Management on Advanced Sleep Analysis.

One important note: We will be rolling out the benchmarking and weekly sleep report features in the next few weeks. Releasing these features separately will help ensure a smoother transition with the new web and mobile app.

Get Started Today

Both Carbon Steel Edition and B1 users can start using Advanced Sleep Analysis right away. For mobile, the latest version of the app for iOS 7 (1.7.8) and Android (1.7.9) should automatically update on your phone over the next few hours (Note: iOS7 users can also manually update it in the mean time). For your web dashboard, you can just log into your account and go to Sleep Details under the Data menu. There is no need to download new firmware. Also, we’ve retroactively analyzed your sleep over the last couple of days so be sure to sync your data before getting started!

Are you a current Basis user that hasn’t started using our mobile apps yet? You can get the iOS 7 App at the iTunes App Store and the Android App at the Google Play Store. Check our list of compatible phones for both apps as we’ve expanded support recently.

Not a Basis user? Get your Basis today at our online store.


The Basis Team