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Body IQ™ – the most advanced way to recognize activity, sleep and caloric burn.

Basis is excited to introduce Body IQ™, a proprietary technology that automatically recognizes and displays your favorite activities, like walking, running and biking, as well as your sleep. Created by the Basis research and development teams, Body IQ™ ensures you get credit for your efforts in real-time, including your caloric burn, with no need to push buttons, switch modes or tag activities. It also powers Basis’ unique way of automatically determining when you fall asleep and when you wake up. No other device provides this level of intelligence.

Watch our quick demo video and read the highlights below.

Real-Time Recognition at Your Wrist

It starts at the band where Body IQ™ enables real-time recognition for walking, running and biking at your wrist. Just get moving and you’ll start seeing your activity tracked on your Basis band display. It’s like an automatic stopwatch – no manual start or stop required.

Body IQ Bands Low Res.

See your walk, run or bike in real-time and get cumulative daily totals.

You can also get daily cumulative totals for the duration and calories burned for each type of activity. Get real-time feedback on how your morning bike commute or walk at lunch helped you hit your activity or caloric burn goals.

You’ll also find each of these activities in the Insights sections of your online dashboard and mobile apps.  These summary views let you see how walking, running and biking fit into your overall plan for the day or week.

Basis Insights with Body IQ

Get an overview of all your activities right on your Insights page.

Deeper Insight into Each Walk, Run or Bike

With Body IQ™ technology, each activity is now designated in the Details section of your dashboard so you can get a deeper understanding of the physiological impact of each activity. See your calories burned and exertion levels as well as perspiration and skin temperature changes for that morning run or walk. The data section also now allows you to look all your metrics and activities at once to better understand patterns and correlations.

Bofy IQ Details LOW RES

Understand how your body reacts to each walk, run or bike. Click to zoom in.

New Running and Biking Habits To Keep You Going

Our healthy habits system was designed to help you successfully incorporate daily activities into your everyday life . With Body IQ™, we are introducing two new habits – Run Club and Let’s Ride – that build on this foundation. Start with daily goals like 30 minutes of running and have Basis automatically track your progress. As you progress, we’ll increase your weekly target to keep you motivated and improve your fitness even more. We’ve even expanded our iOS app to allow you to add these new habits (along with all of the others) right on your phone.

New Basis Habits - Let's Ride and Run Club.

The new Let’s Ride and Run Club habits help keep you on track.

Developed To Be the Most Advanced Activity, Sleep and Calorie Tracking

Body IQ™ technology is based on extensive in-house research and development. Our team of researchers and engineers have walked, run and biked the streets, trails and parks of the Bay Area to understand each activity. To ensure you get the proper caloric burn for these activities, they did extensive testing at the labs of our local universities and medical centers. It is the best of both worlds – real-world use and world-class testing.

Based on our research and customer feedback, we’ve also added a new feature where your calories are automatically estimated when you forget to wear your band. The estimate is based on your basal metabolic rate and will show up on both your band and on your dashboard.

Get Started Today

If you are a current Basis user, you’ll need to download the latest firmware to your band to use Body IQ™. Just connect your Basis band to your computer via the USB and it will automatically update.

If you are new to Basis, visit our store today to get your band and start experiencing the most advanced way to improve your fitness, sleep and stress today.

Thanks, The Basis Team

82 thoughts on “Body IQ™ – the most advanced way to recognize activity, sleep and caloric burn.

  1. You need to develop something that more accurately tracks weight lifting calories and stepmills.

    • Basis seems to work fine if you walk, run and maybe bicycle…But for lower impact large moves (like kicks) with weights or without, that gets my heart rate very elevated, it doesn’t measure but 5 minutes of a 25 minute workout that I just did.

      • Hi Cindi. Thanks for reaching out! Our primary focus is on capturing heart rate patterns overall (throughout the day and night) instead of specifically monitoring during moments of activity. We are as accurate as we can as a wrist based device, but the tracker should be used in conjunction with a traditional chest strap for high intensity workouts.

    • This would be great indeed. — Actually the lack of it was the main reason why I didn’t buy my pre-ordered Basis.

  2. I just purchased a Galaxy Note 3. When will my basis be compatible with that phone?

  3. Adam Furr Dogg Swanson says:

    You guys are amazing, other companies would release a whole new device for added features, where you just include it in the latest firmware. Thanks!

  4. Please can you tell me when Basis will be available in the UK?

  5. Still no API? That is a big problem for a lot of your audience … well at least for me.

  6. Super excited for the new features!

  7. This is a great new add on to the Basis software. I wonder though, would it be possible to redefine “Activity”? I am not an extensive, walker, runner or biker. If the Basis was able to include cardiovascular increase to the definition of “Activity” that would be great. I often will do cardio without the typical cardio. The Basis software doesn’t pick up on squat jumps, but the cardio is definitely there! Just an idea.

  8. Love this update!

  9. It is a pity that the charts ({activity, heart rate, perspiration, temperature} vs. time) that are available on the website are not also available on the Android and iPhone apps! To add to the frustration, the website behaves very poorly when accessed via a mobile browser. Really!! Isn’t it about time, after software engineering has been a mature discipline for the better part of 30 years now, that the software for devices like this was completely designed and built **before** any specific hardware commitments were made??

  10. Great new apps on the Basis. Just used it on my afternoon 2k-step walk. Next, perhaps something calibrated for aerobics, yoga, or centergy?

  11. Andre Venancio says:

    Great new features, it’s time to retire my Mio Alpha that was used to track my bike activities.

  12. Wow, great news. It’s all I’ve been waiting for, and you’ve done it. I’ll upgrade my Basis watch tonight to try it out.

  13. Looks like a great upgrade – i’m a little dubious however as currently my basis doesn’t include any of my walking as active – even though I’m a very brisk walker and do quite a bit each day. I have presumed this is because my heart rate doesn’t rise much – my resting is 52 and normal about 62.
    Anyone else with that issue?

    • Hello! Activity tracking is based on all four sensors, and it should be tracking your walking. If you’re still having this problem I suggest you contact support[at]mybasis[dot]com. They can help you out!

  14. WOW ! Thanks for the Update.

  15. Elliptical?

  16. Love the new features. Awesome tracker. Please release a windows phone app or at least allow me to change the time zone on the watch. It makes it very hard to travel with this watch

  17. The new features are really nice. I agree with Josh that this watch is difficult to travel with at this point. A feature allowing timezone change will be handy.

    BTW, after my trip to Korea, (changed time zone 3 times) I found the calculation for my habits are totally wrong now.

    • Ditto! Just about all the data gets skewed and screwed when you switch time zones.

      • Hi Scott! Unfortunately, the tracker can’t record two sets of data for the same day, so when traveling long distances data can be lost. We’re hoping to improve on this in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

  18. Has this update improved the accuracy of the sleep categorization?

    I see that there is now an unknown activity category – that’s a great step forward in transparency. It’s far better to know when the watch doesn’t know than to have it give a random guesstimate. I hope this covers the previous sleep issues – would love some clarification on that.

  19. The update is great! I wasn’t as motivated to wear my basis for a while since it wasn’t accurately tracking my workouts. But my basis logged my run much more accurately yesterday! It didn’t recognize my spin class this morning though, it logged it as running. How can I change this?

  20. Any plans on being able to use this while swimming? @dlswimdad

  21. Is there a manual way to start the stopwatch? What about getting a seconds hand? I think alot of people who get this watch are in the healthcare industry where taking a pulse on another person is something they do all day. Marking the seconds for this is essential.

  22. Donald Sheldon says:

    Where is it available for sale?

  23. How does the detection of cycling occur and how easy is that to extend to other cardio / endurance activities? For instance I do more running and rowing (and swimming) than cycling. Could setting some user preferences and changing some formulas for caloric burn accommodate overloading the biking detection for a different activity? The other (likely better) alternative is an API that allows the import of other high resolution HRM data since I will wear a chest strap for rowing / weight lifting etc. Having this replace the data gathered by other means at that time gives a better single view and further drives the value of the monitoring of the “other 23 hours”. Having a single place to overlay all of the data is as much the killer app as the baseline data collection capability.

  24. Hello,
    it’s a pitty that I’m not able to buy a “BASIC BAND”.
    When do you sell it to foreign countries (p. ex. Germany)?


  25. Carlos Castillo says:

    This new feature got pushed to my phone a few weeks ago and I love it :-) While you are walking or running (and I guess also cycling, but haven’t tried that) the watch automatically shows a split screen of time-of-day and minutes/hours you’ve been doing the activity. It is great :-)

  26. Can this be used with fitbit and withing scale?

  27. Does the Basis watch with Body IQ give real time heart rate while exercising? If it does, then I missed it in my brief search.

    • Hi Roger. Thanks for reaching out! Our primary focus is on capturing heart rate patterns overall (throughout the day and night) instead of specifically monitoring during moments of activity. We are as accurate as we can be as a wrist based device, but the tracker should be used in conjunction with a traditional chest strap for high intensity workouts.

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  29. The most wanted function for me is sleeptracker with alarm clock based on Circadian Rhythm Sleep. Current Basis version is useless for me without this function. Waiting for v2.0 or another device.

    • Hello Roman! Thanks for this feature suggestion. We get a lot of people requesting alarms and we know it’s a great fit for our Advanced Sleep Analysis. I’ll pass your comments along to our product team!

  30. I am considering buying one of these after researching all options, but I’m worried that they will come out with a second version and that I should wait. Is there a second version release date? Will this work when I’m on the elliptical or is there a way to add how much time etc after I finish that machine? Does this account for elevation on a hike in terms of calories burned?

  31. Crystal Osunde says:

    Does body iq mean that the basis band can now track heart rate real time, eliminating the need for an actual heart rate monitor and strap etc??

    • Basis measures heart rate in real time at the wrist, but is not a replacement for a traditional chest strap. We get as accurate a measure of your heart rate from a wrist-based device as possible. The most accurate reading for heart rate alone is still a chest-based device, which some people find difficult or uncomfortable to wear during exercise.

  32. I read above that the Basis does not recognize stationary cycling, but would it work with a set of rollers. The rollers are technically “stationary” as well, but it is essentially the same movements as riding outside since both wheels are attached and are spinning. Kinda curious if it would track the rollers.

    • Hi Tom. It’s difficult to say. The tracker won’t recognize stationary biking, but we have heard of other customers who have had success with rollers. That being said, we haven’t tested it on our end so I can’t say for sure. Hope this helps!

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  34. I can’t find any information about the “sleep features”. Other than total sleep time what does it track (e.g., duration of each sleep stage?, etc.). Not sure how you would expect someone to purchase your product with such scant info available.

    • Sleep is detected by using an algorithm that looks at motion, heart rate and other data. Basis uses a sleep quality score to help you quickly understand how well you are sleeping. Scored on a scale of 0 to 100, sleep quality is determined by taking several factors into account: the duration of your sleep, the times awoken and the restfulness of your sleep overall.

  35. Shipping only US, i’m from Malaysia. Any possibilities to get them?

  36. I see that it tracks calories burned. Can you manually track calories consumed to track your balance/deficit daily?

  37. Will you be adding features/improvements to the different exercise types i.e. I don’t run, walk, or bike. I do heavy resistance training which is the #1 way to improve body composition and health and would like to be able to track my workouts. As a owner of a gym and a nutrition consultant being able to track my workouts and also be able to use the watch as a timer/stopwatch for when I am training myself or clients is crucial. If this is addressed would it be a software update or would have to be a new version of the watch?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Torrey, unfortunately we can’t comment on future features. We can say that we are focused on making continued improvements to the B1, including this recent Body IQ update.

  38. As a physical therapist, I am happy to see the field of monitoring devices opening up. Know you can be all things to all people, but having been a Body Media user so far, I am looking for adequate monitoring from the wrist after an unrelated shoulder injury of my own. What I would like to see included in monitoring is a way to track activities besides what you have got. I bounce on a rebounder, for instance. I also do water aerobics, and swim laps. Swimming and other cardio exercises would be a great goal to monitor. I also have lots of clients who do things, other than walk, run, bike. So here are some other things I think about. What about Vinyasa Yoga? Or yoga, in general? Or T’ai Chi, which can be a great work out? And another thing to put in your bucket list would be a way to track mediation, and what level the meditator can get to, i.e. alpha, delta, theta…etc. IF you can monitor sleep, could you figure out a way to see wheat levels the brain gets to? Keep up the good work and keep thinking about the rest of us and the things we do to be healthy…just sending ideas. Love that the industry is here and working to do this, so we can track what we do and stay motivated!

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  40. Dan Sandersfeld says:

    I read your response here that the Basis Body IQ doesn’t recognize activity on elliptical machines…however what if the elliptical machine has the moving handlebars — like the Precor EFX 5.23 model? I use that model and keep my arms moving using the handlebars during a workout. Wouldn’t the Body IQ register that activity as “walking”, or “running”?

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