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So, You Have An iPhone…


Good news! Our Basis Sync app for iPhone is now available for DOWNLOAD at the iTunes App Store. Sync wirelessly and quickly check your habits right on your iPhone. Check here for compatible devices.

Be sure to read below on what’s included with this app and why we’re delivering the Basis Sync app first. Remember, we’ll be updating the app with new features over time as well as supporting additional devices.


The Basis Team


Coming off our Android app launch, many of you enquired about our iPhone app and wanted to see it released soon. Folks especially loved a few key features — being able to wirelessly sync data from your Basis band and see all your stats at a glance.

So we thought about that a little. Could Basis build something for our iPhone community that ships soon and gets folks the top 2-3 requested features?

Yes, we can! Here’s a preview of the plan (more details to follow closer to launch).

  • We plan to ship Basis Sync for iPhone in the next couple of months, depending on how quickly testing goes.
  • Rather than delay the app to add more features, we’ve prioritized your top three requests:
    1. Sync data wirelessly: On-demand Bluetooth sync makes this a breeze – just open the app and hit “sync”.
    2. Quickly check stats: Review key stats like Resting Heart Rate and progress against your Healthy Habits.
    3. Timezone magic: Your iPhone automatically sets the right time and timezone based on location. Frequent fliers, your wish is granted.
  • Which iPhones or iPads? That’s being tested right now. Should have more details closer to launch.

By focusing on just your top requests, we are able to get the Basis Sync iPhone app out much faster than if we waited and implemented all the functionality of your web dashboard (on which you can always explore your data and manage habits).

Rest assured that we’ll be hustling to add functionality to the Basis Sync for iPhone app. Expect to see regular updates to the app with cool new features.

Thanks for your patience. Check out these screenshots of the Basis Sync iPhone app:

Basis Iphone App  Basis Iphone Sync App


The Basis Team

15 thoughts on “So, You Have An iPhone…

  1. Looking good guys.Hope it will be ready with iphone 5 resolution (those screen look like the 4 res). And make sure it works on ios7, it´s around the corner =D

  2. this is awesome news, thanks so much for the updates guys! Looking forward to the app.

    • John Johnson says:

      Just curious why you feel that a limited functionality app in several months (probably longer, given that this company has yet to ship anything on time) is “awesome news”? Their Android App was about 3 months late, so given that they are suggesting that this will be released in a few months, I would not expect to see any time soon.

  3. Gene Vayngrib (@urbien) says:

    Are you guys planning to open for integration with third-party apps? We have created, a video hotline to nurses with biometrics sharing and are looking to integrate with devices like basis.

  4. andrew b. ettinger says:

    Sorry, but you guys are continuing to frustrate me with your audience targeting.

    You seem to believe most of your customers are Android users. Is that the case? Really? I’m an iPhone user and I purchased my 2nd Basis band yesterday.So that’s 2 and I am planning on purchasing 1 more as soon as they are available. And isn’t there a Compatible with iPhone thing is on the packaging? I thought there was but I could be mistaken.And maybe there is an Android one too, I can’t remember.

    So let’s see:

    You are suggesting you are going to ship an App that will be inferior to the Android App to a user base that has had Low Energy Bluetooth 4.0 forever now – long before anyone else supported it – including Samsung – because they and their users are cheap. Are your developers just not very smart?

    Since you don’t seem to be too savvy when it comes to taking this amazing device to it’s natural audience – iPhone and iPad users – I would suggest you outsource your iPhone/iPad App development to someone who can make it as an engaging experience in as short a time as possible. There are groups out there that can do this you just need to ask. And they can make it happen within a week, not a couple of months.

    Mobile would not be where it s today if not for Apple, It’s foolish to not see that. It really is the forest for the trees type of scenario. I am reading review after review on this otherwise incredible device, that is citing the lack of an iPhone App not an Android App.….

    I do not understand. I want you to succeed, but it just seems you are choosing the wrong path again and again…

    I just want to say, despite the fact that I am on my 3rd Basis band due to backlight failure on 1, and water ingress on 2, I love this device, and my hope for Basis, and it’s employees, are for nothing but success!

    • andrew b. ettinger says:

      That guy above sounds angry. Of course I am referring to myself. That was written last night when I was waaaay too upset and passionate about something that matters very little in the whole scheme of things.

      Calling users and developers names is as non-productive as you can get, yet that’s what I did. I’m sorry.

      I apologize for acting like a complete ass. It’s unacceptable and I won’t post anymore here.


  5. Looking forward to the iOS app! I can’t wait to see it evolve from simply key features to full fuctional parity with the web dashboard.

  6. I’m and iPhone owner and was thinking about purchasing one of your fitness watches. I’d like to purchase one right away but I’m a bit confused by your phrase above, “… build something for our iPhone community …”. Are you speaking about a software build or would you need to build a different device for iPhone users?

    Basically, I don’t want to buy today only to see that the one I bought won’t work with your iPhone app (if you create one).

    Can you help me sort this worry out? Thanks! -Rob

  7. John Johnson says:

    I have had 3 Basis Bands for several months (they shipped even though I had tried several times to cancel my order, mostly because of the lack of an open API and iOS support). I finally decided to open one, only to read this post. I would say that it is disappointing, but given I have so little faith in the company at this point, I am not sure that is the right word. Were it only to have an open API, others could release software for it in a reasonable time frame (Several months for an iOS app that has such limited functionality? Really?). Unfortunately, given the closed nature of the product, that is not an option. I only hope that the company lasts long enough for me to get my data out of their system into one of the tracking apps I actually use.

    Having already opened one, I will try it out for a bit until the Body Media Core 2 and Amiigo ship in August before putting it up on eBay. I had high hopes for this product, but with the delays and lack of support, I cannot say I expect much from it any more.

  8. You should have always focused on a quick, basic, core functionality app for all mobile markets so that users can sync on a regular schedule to get faster feedback on targets. Currently, feedback is end-of-the-day at best, at the weekend usually. Your email messages need overhauling. Please offer choice of a report format: list habits hit, then list habits missed with some advice on hitting them in one email.
    Android, with its Bluetooth quirkiness, was probably the wrong app to prioritize, as seen with the slim list of phones supported (mine not among them). But really, you should be developing for all platforms at once, probably by outsourcing the app creation. Get the basic functionality going, then update the app to add the niceties like notification on target met etc. in an update.

    • John,

      We will continue to expand on the apps over time including additional functionality. Basis is a complex system with the syncing, habits, data charting, etc so we have to be more iterative.

  9. Any plans for a Window phone application?