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Basis Tracks Fitness and Sleep With Style

UPDATE: We are currently SOLD OUT of the limited edition Cityscape strap and the Carbon Steel strap. However, the Electric Spring strap is back in stock. We also introduced a Premium Leather strap and a new Kaleidoscope design

At Basis, we understand that wearables are an important part of how you express yourself. So why do so many new wearable technology products make it difficult to for you to customize the look of your device?

Unlike the rest, Basis was created with personalization in mind from the very beginning. And we are proud to present 3 carefully-crafted, premium designs for you that blend art and technology from prominent U.S. artists and the Basis team.

Electric Spring, Carbon Steel and Cityscape (from left to right)

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Basis has been working with leading artists – Stephen Holding from NYC and Sirron Norris from San Francisco – to craft designs that make your Basis band look and feel special. Whether you prefer colorful expression (Electric Spring by Stephen), classic looks (Carbon Steel by Basis) or murals (Cityscape by Sirron), we have options for you.

Read on about why each design is special or get your hands on one of these limited editions before they run out.

Carbon Steel
by Basis

Our Carbon Steel strap is the flagship of Basis’ premium design straps, and looks equally at home in the boardroom or the gym. The Basis team carefully crafted the Carbon Steel strap, combining a polished stainless steel clasp with stretchable, silicone black straps for a classic look. The durable stainless steel clasp is completed in a chrome finish and perfectly matches the metal touchpins on the face of your Basis band. The silicone black straps are lightweight with black stitching and stretch just a little to ensure that they fit your wrist comfortably. On Carbon Steel, every detail was carefully designed with a luxurious look in mind. Buy yours today for $49.95.

Carbon Steel Basis Band  Carbon Steel Basis Band

by Sirron Norris

The Cityscape premium strap was designed by world-famous muralist Sirron Norris to represent your personal journey towards getting healthy amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Sirron depicted this journey in his signature artistic style (the use of cartoons as a vehicle to express life) by drawing a black and white mural on a white strap, with a street winding through a cityscape. With the Cityscape Premium strap by Sirron, you’ll maintain that deeper message about your Basis band while wearing something fun! Buy yours today for $34.95.

Cityscape Basis Band  Cityscape Basis Band

About The Artist

Sirron Norris is a San Francisco-based animator and muralist. In 2011, Sirron’s work was featured in the animated pilot for FOX network’s show Bob’s Burgers, which was created by famed writer/director Loren Bouchard. Sirron graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and then traveled extensively throughout the United States, eventually settling down in San Francisco in 1997. Initially, Sirron worked as a production artist in the video game industry while he perfected his skills as a fine artist.

On Working with Basis: “I love the idea of gamifying exercise and that, coupled with the chance to wear my own art, made creating this a no-brainer,” says Sirron. “I’d never seen anyone try and depict an entire landscape scene on a watch before so I embraced that idea to create this design.”

Electric Spring
by Stephen Holding

If you are looking for some colorful zing in your wardrobe, the Electric Spring premium strap is for you. Designed by New York-based artist Stephen Holding, this piece reflects his creative vision of bringing aesthetics and fitness together in a fresh, new ways. The design conveys energy and positivity with vibrantly colored patterns that will get  people asking you “Hey, what’s that on your wrist?”. Buy yours today for $34.95.

Electric Spring Basis Band   Electric Spring Basis Band

About The Artist

Stephen Holding, who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, started his career as a designer at Nike before focusing on his calling as a painter and drawer. Stephen’s work has been exhibited across the world: from Hong Kong and Tokyo to multiple galleries across the United States, including the Mass Museum of Contemporary Art ( MASS MOC). He graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2002 and since then has continued to change and evolve his unique visual language and style across a wide variety of media.

On Working With Basis: “While I’ve applied graphic design to footwear, the wrist, and a watch in particular, was new territory for me,” he says. “I wanted to make the strap colorful and bold, just like my work.”

How Do You Get One?

Simply, head over to the Basis store to get your strap today.


6 thoughts on “Basis Tracks Fitness and Sleep With Style

  1. I like the new options, but is there any chance you’ll put out a band that’s smaller for women? I have to wear mine on the last hole and the overlap of the strap gets in the way.

  2. I hope you’ll have more design as much as function in the future. I used Spectrum Noir (like coptic) markers to mimic a kate spade design on your white band-I have to say it looks very nice. A leather-esque option would be great too. Plastic is hard to wear 24/7.

  3. The optional straps are terrific. When ordering a new Basis, will you be able to substitute one of these straps for the original one? My hope is that omitting the original strap would result in a credit that might partially offset the cost of one of the optional straps…. It’s an environmentally friendly idea since some buyers undoubtedly will just put the original strap in a drawer and never use it! :)

  4. I absolutely love the Carbon Steel strap! It’s so luxurious to wear! Any chance you might have additional colors in the future?