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CES Live Update!

CES officially kicked-off yesterday with much fun and excitement. We have had lots of consumers, media and people in the industry come by the booth  to see the demo of the bands and our new dashboard. Here are a few highlights:

Booth before the show and during the show. Lots of people stopping by.

Chris and Julie showing off our CEA 2012 Best of Innovations Award.

Basis band packaging on display with new branding.

Jef on Untethered Fitness panel talking about how technology devices like Basis can help people get healthy.

Jef’s live media demo of product with broadcaster Jennifer Jolly.

More to come in the coming days!

3 thoughts on “CES Live Update!

  1. Awesome – congratulations on the award!! Let us know if you announce a launch date during the show. :)

  2. Very encouraged to see these recent blog posts. Especially liked the video of the dashboard. Congratulations on the CES 2012 Innovation Award. Can’t wait to get my hands on my own Basis band and begin. Please keep the updates coming!!

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