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Tracking Our Progress

We’re seeing an unprecedented amount of chatter around the newest activity gadgets hitting the market.  It is a great thing that there is now much attention being paid to finding ways and tools to help us all live better.

Those of you who have been (patiently) following Basis’ progress know we are doing something more substantial.  Tracking motion as pedometers do is a start, but our aim is much deeper – all the way to the heart and the secrets it reveals about your overall health and wellness.

With that in mind, and the holidays approaching, I want to offer an update on our mission and our progress.

We were founded on the belief that heart rate patterns – captured continuously and automatically along with other health data – would form the most insightful basis for understanding your health.  So, our mission became clear: create a groundbreaking device that captures such insightful data at your wrist and translate that into the most useful picture of your health.

As you know, we’ve never announced an official launch date.  We’ve seen other companies either miss dates or launch products before they were ready. We feel it’s far more important to get it right than hit a date on the calendar.  But, knowing that some of you are thinking about your holiday wish lists, we want to let you know that the Basis band won’t be on the market in time for Santa’s rounds this year. We are targeting an early 2012 launch.

We will be focusing our time between now and then on the hundred things that make Basis not just a device you are excited to get, but a product experience you value day in and day out.  We will share more of our progress on our blog as we take our next important steps – from environmental testing to updates on production to the upcoming expansion of our beta program. To keep tabs on us, please follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@mybasis).

Our mission is an ambitious one.  Your support and feedback has meant a lot to our team here as we work toward launch. We’re glad to have you on this journey.

Jef Holove


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