Basis Win: The Health Hat Trick

Jim Rice

Jim used Basis to build healthy habits, lose over 100 pounds, feel energized and get his hockey game back on track. We asked him to share his story.

Tell us About Yourself

“I’ve been in the music business since I was 17 and now work as an event specialist for an online ticketing company. I’m based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but travel a lot for my job, especially in the summer.Read More

A True Fan at Heart – Tracking the World Cup

The World Cup is in full swing! 32 teams. 64 matches. One epic month of international competition in the world’s most popular sport.

Here at Basis, we’re big fans of the World Cup – especially our U.S. team. As a fun experiment, we looked at how two fans can react totally differently by comparing some of their Basis data for the second half of the exciting USA vs.… Read More

Introducing Our Weekly Sleep Report and New Sleep Research

Ever wonder how your weekend sleep compares to your weeknight sleep? Do you get more REM sleep when you have a longer sleep duration? Now you can take a closer look at your sleep data at a glance with our new Sleep Report.

Launching today as part of our Advanced Sleep Analysis, this weekly email report will give you a snapshot of your key sleep metrics – Sleep Duration, Toss & Turn, Interruptions and Sleep Score. You’ll get the weekly average as well as charts showing your progress over the course of the week.… Read More

Boogie IQ™ by Basis – Twerk Early, Twerk Often

APRIL FOOLS! Though Boogie IQ is not real, we hope you’ll keep on dancin’! We’ll automatically track your calories as you do. Meanwhile, scroll down to check out a gif of the Basis team Twerking, all in the name of research and a having good time.

Does your Crossfit class frown upon your Running Man and Sprinkler dance moves? Is your beloved “fitness tracker” denying you steps from your Gangnam routine?Read More