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We couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming release of Peak. With all the ways we’ve designed it to deliver as much on style as it does fitness and sleep data, we think you’ll be just as excited. Much More Than A Pretty Face Our designers and engineers were focused not only on making Peak […]

We’ve already introduced you to Peak, the ultimate fitness and sleep tracker. Here’s a chance to see what top publications are saying about Peak. Check out the articles for product insights and features, new photos and exclusive video interviews. You can even see a side-by-side comparison to the Carbon Steel Edition.   USA Today’s exclusive […]

We’re proud to announce Basis Peak, the ultimate fitness and sleep tracker. With Peak, you get deep insights into how your body is performing, from workouts to sleep and everything in-between. Peak combines comprehensive fitness and sleep analysis – including heart rate during exercise – with smartwatch notifications, making it the ultimate, all-in-one device. Peak […]

Today, we’re excited to launch Personal Sleep Averages – the newest addition to Advanced Sleep Analysis. You can now see how your most important sleep metrics compare to your ongoing averages: Sleep Score: See how your sleep data every night compares to your overall quality of sleep. Sleep Duration: Understand if last nights’ 8 hours […]

Jim used Basis to build healthy habits, lose over 100 pounds, feel energized and get his hockey game back on track. We asked him to share his story. Tell us About Yourself “I’ve been in the music business since I was 17 and now work as an event specialist for an online ticketing company. I’m […]

The World Cup is in full swing! 32 teams. 64 matches. One epic month of international competition in the world’s most popular sport. Here at Basis, we’re big fans of the World Cup – especially our U.S. team. As a fun experiment, we looked at how two fans can react totally differently by comparing some […]

Ever wonder how your weekend sleep compares to your weeknight sleep? Do you get more REM sleep when you have a longer sleep duration? Now you can take a closer look at your sleep data at a glance with our new Sleep Report. Launching today as part of our Advanced Sleep Analysis, this weekly email […]

APRIL FOOLS! Though Boogie IQ is not real, we hope you’ll keep on dancin’! We’ll automatically track your calories as you do. Meanwhile, scroll down to check out a gif of the Basis team Twerking, all in the name of research and a having good time. Does your Crossfit class frown upon your Running Man […]

Today marks a special day for the entire Basis family – our team, our customers and all those who have supported and believed in our vision. We are excited to announce that Basis has been acquired by Intel. While it is a new beginning in some ways, we remain true to the simple mission we […]

Basis is excited to announce a partnership with NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Kurt Busch, as he takes on one of the most grueling events in auto racing, The Double, where he’ll be racing in both the Indianapolis 500 and Coca-Cola 600 on the same day. This grueling 1,100 miles of racing will be the ultimate […]