Get the knowledge and power to be the ultimate version of you. Every day.

Between work, family, friends and trying to squeeze in some occasional fun, finding the time and energy to get healthy can be really tough. There’s just too much to do in too little time.

We started with a simple mission: To help fit health into our busy lives. We want to help people become the best possible versions of themselves, every day. But achieving that can be really hard.

What’s the secret to being your best?

Why do some people seem to always make it to the gym every day while some of us barely fit in an afternoon walk? How do people stay consistent enough to train relentlessly while others struggle to just to make it to Yoga twice a week? One study showed that approximately 50% of people starting an exercise plan drop out within six months. What is the secret to sticking with it?

Current solutions aren't always
the most user friendly.

Some of us are rock stars with our health—that office Ironman or six-times-per-week yoga mom. But most of us don't have their time, energy or enthusiasm. So it doesn't help that so many health regimens force us to shoehorn our lives into complicated programs rather than the other way around. And this approach is clearly not working: approximately 50% of us starting an exercise plan drop out within six months and cite lack of time as a key reason.

being healthy can be hard
small changes equal big gains

The three keys to creating the ultimate version of you.

1. Make small changes. See big gains.

Getting healthier doesn’t have to take a ton of time and effort. Studies show that just 30 minutes of daily activity, or sleeping 7.5 to 9 hours per night can be incredibly beneficial to our health. Just those simple steps can reduce our risk of heart disease and diabetes. It can help us lose weight, and improve our concentration and mood. With unparalleled data capture and habit-based insight, Basis is the most advanced way to take your health to the next level.

knowledge is power

2. Arm yourself with the power of knowledge.

We can’t change something before we fully understand it. We need data. Facts. Information to maximize our potential. How much activity and sleep are you really getting? Are you making progress? Basis multi-sensor technology gives you the information you need to tap into the power within you.

health needs to be a habit

3. Habits unlock our true potential.

You want to know the difference between someone who trains 5 days a week and someone who doesn’t? They’ve made health part of a daily routine. They’ve made it a habit. It’s not simply about motivation. Basis is the ultimate pairing of breakthrough technology and understanding of human behavior, allowing you to turn knowledge into action. It’s all about creating healthy habits that last a lifetime, not forcing ourselves into a time-consuming, short term exercise regime.

Now’s the time to unleash the super human in you.

Basis is much more than a personal health tracking device. It’s a system. A system based on exhaustive research and insight to how we can be our best for the long haul. A system created with the most advanced personal tracking technology on the market to provide the most detailed data possible. And a system that can interpret that data, give you insight and translate it into simple actions you can take every day. So that you can meet the demands of today’s world. So you can develop and discover the super human in you.

we built basis to motivate lasting changes in our lives