World's Most Advanced Health Tracker

When creating Basis, we dedicated ourselves to making the design as advanced as the technology inside. We knew if it was too complicated, or not beautiful enough to wear—it’d be useless. We pushed the limits of technology, without pushing the limits of what’s useful.

Beneath the surface is where Basis separates itself from every other fitness tracker. The Basis band contains the most advanced sensors on the market, capturing heart rate patterns, motion, calorie expenditure by activity, multiple sleep stages, including REM—even perspiration and skin temperature. All of this data is captured 24/7. The only thing required of you is to wear it.

Unlock your full
potential through the power of habit.

All of the data in the world does you no good if you can’t act on it. This is what makes Basis different. Basis goes beyond just data capture. It analyzes all of your data and suggests small steps in your daily routine to help you create powerful, healthy habits. This is truly the key to making lasting changes, and maximizing your potential.

You can customize which areas you want to focus on—want to up your fitness? Sleep better? We’ll make suggestions, and you can choose which areas to focus on to start building and adopting healthier habits.

Learn how to unleash the super human within you.

With Body IQ™ and multi-sensor intelligence, get instant feedback right from your wrist—continuous heart rate measurement, activity level, duration, and calories burned. Basis auto-detects if you’re walking, running or biking, and adjusts accordingly.

Dig into the details with the Basis Android, iOS and web applications. Get detailed sleep data, including REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, toss & turn count and more. And, unique to Basis, 24/7 heart rate statistics and in-depth physiological data including perspiration and skin temperature.

Level Up

Based on research on how we create lasting habits, Basis rewards you for achieving the small goals you’ve set for yourself. Pick one goal to start — such as going to bed at the same time every night or walking a certain number of steps/day. Once you reach that goal, you unlock the next goal. It’s all about the small steps that we can build on to make ourselves better, every day.

Everyone has days or weeks that are less than super. Basis is designed to adjust your weekly recommendations— powering things up when you’re doing well and dialing down when you’re not. This kind of flexibility is essential to maximize your potential for the long term.

Life is change. Basis understands that.

While we strive to always be our best, there are some days when we fall short. Fitness levels aren’t where we want them, our sleep patterns get off, or we get overly stressed. That’s just part of being human. Basis sees that data and adapts, helping to suggest habits that will help you get fit, sleep better and stress less for the long term.

basis adapts to you 365 days a year